The second phase of the story has concluded. Kayd Hendricks' role in the story has finished. You are now equipped with all of the information you need to tackle the final phase of this story. Over the past several weeks I have been forming a team to finish the final installment of this story for your enjoyment - think of the events that have occurred in the past several days as a prelude to what comes next. The link has been shattered and BEN is now turning his attention to you. There are several key events that have happened recently that have armed you (whether you realize it or not) with information to not only combat BEN but to finally vanquish him.

And now for just what exactly is next - I'm proud to announce that we will be releasing an interactive videogame for download in tandem with the final phase of the story. It is not a videogame in the traditional sense - it's another perspective into the story and more importantly another resource that you will need to utilize. You have watched Ifrit and Ryukaki go through being tormented by BEN, and now you will experience it first-hand.

You will have to use the three main resources - Jadusable's Youtube Channel, this website, and the game itself to solve the final installment in this story. A clue on the website may lead you to do something that would allow you to progress further within the game and vice versa. The game will be updated in real-time (an Internet connection will be required to play) as the story unfolds and players progress further in this twisted world, the environment changing right before your eyes as you start to go through the same motions as your predecessors. Remember, BEN is completely in control of the Internet now - but does his presence extend beyond that as others have claimed?

While you may be the only one physically in the game, you are not alone in this impossible endeavour - over the past month you have been conversing with each other and deciphering clues, allying yourselves with complete strangers to overcome insurmountable odds. Those relationships you have formed will be strained and your ability to work together as a team will be tested. You will have to stand as a community if you want to have any hope of success. Those who have a keen eye for detail and deduction skills will be your greatest assets. This is an interactive mystery on the grandest of scales, and only by uniting the entire Internet as one driving force do you have any chance of snuffing BEN out of existence.

This will revolutionize what it means to be an ARG and provide you guys with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of something that will go down as the first project of its kind. We are over here working hard on this and you can expect this to release around holiday season. Be sure to check back here for various updates concerning the game itself and for a more definitive release date as Halloween draws closer.

Until then, I feel it necessary to say that you should only take what is posted by me on this website and on my Youtube channel as canon. I have had a few individuals involved in the story as minor characters (there have been two), and their roles are no longer in play (I don't foresee them trying to involve themselves further without my consent, I believe they are good people, but just in case I'd like to cover all my bases).

I'm sure you have a lot of questions and I will put up a Q&A about the project itself, but keep in mind that I can't divulge much at this point, if you would like to submit your question for the Q&A, send a message to the corresponding email below.

Good luck.

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You might want to compare notes with each other, you seem to have missed a very important detail. It would be in your best interest to get that sorted out before the game releases. Good luck.


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