Chapter 1 - day four (9-7-10)

Chapter 2 - BEN (9-8-10)

Chapter 3 - DROWNED (9-10-10)

Chapter 4 - jadusable (9-12-10)

Chapter 5 - The Truth (9-15-10)

For each chapter, read the story and then watch the corresponding video.

Viewers also noticed that Jadusable had another Youtube video on his account - uploaded a year before any of this began - a suspicious video of a character named Rosa from VtM:B. If you missed out on the story and are looking to get the "full effect", it's recomended that you watch this video first.


Bonus Chapter - Rosa (6-14-09)



The above story is the original standalone verison, if you want to read the ARG continuation, you can do so by visitng the mapped out timeline as the website is introduced (occurs after Chapter 5).