Ifrit - Rodney R.

  * Likes    - Helping people decide to join our cause, Seinfeld, Playstation 2, and
  * Dislikes - "Troublesome" people, long nights, and waiting
  * Ambition - Building a sense of community here, and of course Ascension, who doesn't?


  Nekko - Christopher

DarkWorld23 Avatar.jpg

  Duskworld23 - Spencer L.

  * Likes    - Vigils, Eurotrip, Who's Line Is It Anyway, and drawing
  * Dislikes - My parents, wishing I was Ascended already
  * Ambition - Leaving this piece of shit place behind taking as many people as I can
               with me


  Insidiae - Kevin F.

  * Likes    - Studying the occult, fantasy, demons, and spirits
  * Dislikes - People who lie
  * Ambition - Ask me again in two years

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