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This is a website for those who have formed a spiritual connection with the Moon and Him and recognize that we have been selected to preform miracles and bring enlightenment into this world. She has chosen us - and only us - to survive the upcoming apocolypse because we have honored Her and devoted ourselves to Her. As we work to enforce Her will, we grow together as a family and serve the greater good. We are the Moon's Children. If you have found your way here it is not by chance, you are at home here. You belong here with us. And while you may be caught off-guard, I think right now you can feel something inside you agreeing with me. Listen to your soul, get in touch with yourself, your soul knows this and we can show you how.

All Moon's Children have been gifted spiritually, and thus we are more astrally attuned to things normal humans may not be. A normal human's chi energy is typically so small that they may not notice it their entire life. Whereas we can preform miracles and ascend our fleshy prisons with ours. If you are visiting, you have come here for a reason, even if that reason may not be known to you. You have been chosen by Her. You have this amazing chi potential, this amazing spirit energy, locked within you. We can help you unlock it, we can help you become Enlightened. Please, take a look around our new website and get to know some of our members and contact us on the About page. We will set up a meeting that will change the rest of your life.

If you believe you have gotten here in error, then please back out and return to Google. Bare in mind that the website is still in its very rudamentary stages right now, many things are still incomplete and many links will lead you to dead ends. Please try and be understanding, brothers and sisters. There will be MANY more updates to come very soon!

News Posts

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   Ifrit (mod) 
Posted: 9/18/10 @ 4:32pm




Subject: Updates #2


Add info to the Contacts page, noticed that we have a huge influx of trolls, no doubt because of the fact that we're a bit more "maintstream" now. We've been going down every so often because of bandwidth overload, and we've gotten an insane amout of "requests" to join us, most of them are trolls. I'm having some of the other moderators go through them carefully and we'll contact those who seem legitiment in the coming days, but we don't want to make a jump to do anything rash.


   Ifrit (mod) 
Posted: 9/17/10 @ 10:26am




Subject: Updates


Finished adding the Contact, About, and Theories sections. Contact page has been acting weird. Hm. Fixed up the Creed, Dusk you had a few typos there. Watch that. And this layout, especially for the news posts is pretty disgusting. You guys'll have to bare with us until we get everything set up before we change it.

Anyway, TGIF, anyone want to have a vigil Sunday night? Drop me an email. And congratulations to Chris, we all knew he had it in him! That's the first successful one we've had in a while!

DarkWorld23 Avatar.jpg

   Duskworld23 (mod) 
Posted: 9/16/10 @ 4:23pm




Subject: Ascension


DW here. I just wanted to say that Chris (Nekko) had his successful Ascension earlier today and there were no complications. Even though I'm sooo envious of him *cough cough* :-P, it really warmed my heart when I heard the news and I'm sure it will for you guys too. Actually - I don't exactly have our logs out here in front of me - but I think Chris was the youngest person we've ever had do a successful Ascension (which makes sense, Chris always was mature for his age). We're all really happy for you Chris and hopefully we'll be seeing you soon (now if only He would start talking to me... :P ).


- DW


PS has anyone felt an increase in spiritual presence lately? It's making my neck hairs stand up on end.


   Nekko (mod) 
Posted: 9/16/10 @ 2:11pm




Subject: :)

I finished updating the testimonials page and I'm going to be handing my modship over. bahhh enough with the updates, i just wanted to say thanks for everything you guys have done for me, i feel like before i found this i was so lost and without a purpose, just wandering aimlessly. being with you guys over the past year has made my so happy and ive mad a lot of friends here and gotten to know some really nice guys. i never really believed in destiny before, but now im realizing that... yea this is what i was made to do. im counting down the minutes until hahah, i still feel like im gonna pinch myself and wake up at any moment. i already have everything i need to go there, its like all my life ive been waiting for this moment, when i can finally achieve what i was meant to do!!

keep this site running strong for me while i'm gone, i'll be back to come get you guys soon :)

   DROWNED (admin) 
Posted: 9/15/10 @ 11:04pm






You shouldn't be reading this.

DarkWorld23 Avatar.jpg

   Duskworld23 (mod) 
Posted: 9/15/10 @ 8:24pm




Subject: Rebirth

DW here. You may notice the slight name change, figured it was symbolic. We're back for what looks like to be for good.

First of all, I'd like to say congratulations Chris! He sure has taken a huge interest in you lately (lucky), I'm not surprised it finally gave you an Ascension date, I'm happy for you man (can you tell I sound jealous?).

Anyway, about the move - I know its been a hectic past couple of days with the domain change and all, but I think that we've finally found our home (fingers crossed). This will no doubt attract more potential Children, all the more merrier I say.

The site's going to be under construction for a while due to me and Rem having to transfer all of the data over here - unfortunately not everything ended up saved and we lost of stuff so we're going to have to try and rebuild. We've done it before, we can do it again. If you guys know of any of "our guys", feel free to link them to this site, but try and keep it somewhat exclusive. Some of our old siblings (and you know who) were not meant to be part of our group.

And please guys, don't make Mr. D upset.



- DW


   Nekko (mod) 
Posted: 9/15/10 @ 1:34pm




Subject: we're back

Hey guys its Chris! So glad to finally back with my (true) family! I hope you're as eager as I am to finally have a new place to call our own. anyway, like Dusk said, we lost a lot of content that we had stored. The good news is that I've got saved some of our testimonials, so that page should be up by tomorrow., but a lot of this will be under construction (bleh).  we've got a few new toys, this new host gives us a lot more room to play around, however with the new domain I wouldn't be surprised if we get more than our "usual" amount of visitors, some may have potential, others may "think" they are good enough to join us. we're not ready to open up yet - we want to at least have a few pages working before we welcome you guys back in, so by the time you read this this will be a few days ago. how's the future? Do we have flying cars yet (heh)? Also, If anyone asks the background music is entitled "Lost in My Thoughts", i really like it.


Unfortunately I'm not going to be a mod for much longer - my Ascencion date is coming up really soon :) :) He finally told me when it was going to be and it's..... TOMORROW!! haah it's all I can really think about now, my family can't understand why im so excited haha :D


   Ifrit (mod) 
Posted: 9/14/10 @ 11:35am




Subject: Welcome to the new site!


Luna shine, brothers and sisters. We now have a new home! It's going to be a busy couple of days trying to put everything together and while we're doing that the forums will most likely be down. Feel free to use the Guest Book below to talk to each other, if the Guest Book isn't your thing there's always the IRC chat if you know it. We're looking at maybe a week or so before we're all done with the website. But for now just sit back and relax and let us do all the hard work.


Posted by David on
Alright, the site's back up. Finally, I was getting so sick of IRC...
Posted by Dark_Rider404 on
gotta say I like the new site, the layout needs work, but it'll do

the important thing is that most of us survived the blackout

anyone know what happened to Alex? I havent heard from him
Posted by David on
NO idea. Haven't heard ANYTHING on his end.
Posted by sidicus9 on
Bout time we can post. Have Luna or Mr D been speaking to anyone lately?
Posted by Paradoxicle on
Hm. At least the guest book is up. Had another miserable day at school today. I'm done puting up with it. I literally have no more excuses. I'm going to get fucking shitfaced tonight and then on Monday I'm going to come back to my school with my dad's 9mm and just squeeze and squeeze and squeeze the trigger until I fucking die.
Posted by Dark_Rider404 on

sound rough, just remember that human emotions are only in this life. i've had half a mind to do the same myself - just kill them all in Her name. seriously, its the same shit. boring 9 to 4, wife always is on my case and i'm almost positive shes fucking someone else. you know, if you're serious I'll come drive down to you this weekkend, if we team up we can probably kill a lot more and i've got another nine you can have. lets do your school, whats it matter, we're all innocent in this fucked up world. we're the liberators, these kids are too stupid to know that we're doing them a favor. once we've all transcended this doomed reality, we'll all be with Her anyway, follower or not.
Posted by 13fliptime on
rofl, looks like we're going to lose 2 more soldiers earlier before the end. you get my seal of approval, the less this world slips comfortably in complacency the better imo.

you guys haven't been talking to Luna have you?
Posted by David on
Careful guys. We're on a new domain on a .net now, take it to PM.
Posted by Paradoxicle on
David: No PM's yet

13fliptime: No, this is of my own free will, I'm just tired of this shit and want to make a difference in the world.

Dark: Give me your number on IRC, we'll take it there
Posted by CB on
on a lighter note, i almost lost my mask, i was freaking out rofl. seriously, sometimes i just get so used to it on my face that i forget to pick it up if i put it down.
Posted by BoogeymanHere on
I don't know, I think the fact that we've only been operational for a day and already DR and Paradoxicle are going to shoot up some place is pretty funny. If you guys go through with it, see you on the other side, I think my Ascension's coming up soon - I've been feeling a surge of something spiritual over the past two days.
Posted by Duskworld23 on
I think I'm hearing Luna, I'm not sure thought, my mind could just be playing tricks on me. But I could've sworn I heard her just now. Not sure what she said though.

And remember - we're continuing with the whiteout - that means no using these names or posting outside of here. No facebooks/youtubes/twitters/whatnot. Mr D has been EXTREMELY strict on this rule.

...Could've sworn I just heard her again. Maybe. Idont know.
Posted by Sable on
Ifrit you might want to take a look at the contact page, somethings not right with it

Posted by admin on
Hello! As of August 9, 2018, youshouldnthavedonethat.net is now an official archive of its original incarnation from the Moon Children Arc. All guestbook comments from the last few months have been archived. Above are the original canon comments. I would like to say for the sake of clarity that this is fictional and that the comments above, especially regarding violence, are not real.

The guestbook below is for you guys. Just don't do anything inappropriate or illegal and we won't have to delete anything. Have fun!
Posted by sex on
go go power rangers
Posted by Tea on
Why the fuck are most of the messages from 2010, what the actual fuck happened?
Posted by Bremen on
The messages are from 2010 because they were originally posted in 2010 during the Moon Children Arc.
Posted by E on
what the actual heck
Posted by Angel on
The good old days...

A shame I wasn't around.
Posted by Ifrit on
oh no my period is coming
Posted by ttnn on
oh, the memories... I feel so old. It's a shame we didn't get a conclusion for this story.
Posted by matthubris423 on
wow, memories are back (can't wait to look good and also i am the future)
Posted by Hsjsjskskjsja on
What the heck is going...?
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
Are there any plans for the Second Cycle version of the main page?
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
Or the Glitch, for that matter?

Hell, perhaps ALL the pages should be covered if possible...
Posted by admin on
All canon pages and variants up to the Glitch are present.


/second-cycle applies to all pages that changed during the Second Cycle.

Post-MC pages are planned for the future.
Posted by matthubris423 on
mr. alex hall, why can't i access all of these canon pages
Posted by i'm totally mr. alex hall for real on
git gud

no but seriously, if you mean "the truth" you gotta use the canon login. there's nothing special hidden on it though.
Posted by Mr. 423 on
Welcome to Hell. BEN has killed your life. Enjoy your stay. Within Hubris has fallen to the dark. You have no chance to survive make your time. We're all Luna HELP
Posted by matthubris423 on
i use matt's account (that i think is canon) to see the truth
Posted by Oh ja on
i use my account to tell you all that I am no longer on my menstrual rage
Posted by matthubris423 on
why can't i access ifrit's contact page?
Posted by admin on
You should be able to now. As far as I'm aware, all canon pages are now able to be seen.
Posted by matthubris423 on
also, one last question: i went to see the o-o-c (not the glitch one) pages and i'm not authorized to enter it?
Posted by admin on
Yeah, that one is under construction. It's going to be a temporary directory to the rest of the OOC pages when it's finished.
Posted by N̴̠͖̳̙̪̝̘̯ͦ͐͋ͭͦ́ͨͤ̆͗ͬ̔͋͆̚͟͞a̷̷̜͖͇̼͉̱̫̣͍͇̪̤͔̞̮̤̘͛ͯ̓͛ͫ͋̉͋ͯͤ͂́̅̌̀̀͟ͅͅm̷̷̡͍͉͖̹͚̮͚̪̳̼̜ͥ̔ͦ͐̐ͭ͐̈ͧ̌͒̓̉ͩ̋̿̇̕͜ on
Y̢̮ơ̹̥̻̥̯ͅu̮̰̟͎̞̹̩ ̸͓͕̹̱̗ͅs̨̻̱̳̲h͉̭͈̬̠͚͜o͇ú͙̜̰͓̤̬̘l̨̗͇̦d̡ ̞̯̝̟͉͍ͅn̛̮o̷͍͇̮̙̼̟̺t҉̗ ̘b͓̝e̠͟ ҉͕he͎r̗̜͇̫̙̘̪e͙̼͔͢.̫̞͇̥͙̀
͕͙͕̫T͈̱̠h̢͕̳͓̹͎͈̩e̫͕̖̪ ̭̭̬͉̼̙̼͢d̖͝a̸̲͓̠͈̦̦̪ý̤̙͉ ͎̗i͓s̵̺͚͍̤ ̥̩͉̫̝͓n̞͍̼͕̤e̝͉̟̟̤̯͓͟a͕̹̬͈r̬.̬̬̫̪͍̯̮
̸̯̗̻̥Ț̵̗̯̹ẖ̸e̶̗͓ ̶d̠a̱̥̺y̩̠͍͔̜̝ ͔̗̘̠̜o̰f̷͇̞̮̤̠ ̪͓̺͙̝a͈s̥̬̯c̷͉̲e̳̙͎̣ņ̠̗s͈͓̀io̠̟̜n̵͖.̟̯̤̥͈͚͉͡
͎͉̀ͅI͏̠̲̘̤͎̙'̡̜͓̞͓̫l̻̹̮ͅl͓͇̣͔̖͘ͅͅ ̢̙̼͙̹͇b̹̤̱̹̮́e̖͉̝ ̧̲̣͉wa̴̖̹̹̫̮it̯̯̙i̪̫̝n͕̻͠g͈̰̪.
Posted by The Study Havamal on
I just hope those 2 guys from 17th September 2010 didn't do a terrorist act.
Posted by Selena on
BoogeymanHere's period is on it's way. HIS NONEXISTENT UTERUS IS BURNING WITH RAGE THAT WILL BURN FOR EONS!!!!!!! Ok, I'm done. I promise. XD
Posted by Selena on
Hi there.. I did come across this site by the BEN drowned ARC, but upon reading the things here.. I'm finding myself relating to many things. Now, I'm not absolutely positive this ALL is part of the story, but I'm hoping it IS part of something bigger. Since I was very young, around 4 or 5 years old, I've had a very strong connection with the moon. I love the moon with all my heart. I'm 14 now, and since I first discovered that connection I've had multiple dreams of a woman claiming she was the moon. That's all she'd say, and I'd wake up. I still have a spiritual connection with the moon, even though I'm not a born moon child.I'm an Aries. Now, I'm not sure exactly what happened with Ben, but I'm not concerned about that. I wanted to ask to join you. I want to look into this connection further. I firmly believe this cult can help, if it is not all part of the story. It very well may be, and if it is, please, tell me. If not, I look forward to your response. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Good bye. ( I tried to use the contact page, but I had to use a different program and I'm using a computer that is not mine. I'll try again to email it to you later. Again, thank you for your time.)
Posted by Selena on
By the way, I'm just now getting into this. That's why I don't know if it's all a part of the story or not. I just found the link, clicked, and read.
Posted by Selena on
Also, sorry about spamming your message board and the period comment XD I'll be on my way now.
Posted by Yola-sama on
Scusate..vorrei accedere al sito ma non ho la parola d'ordine..come posso fare?
Posted by Period on
Fuck you selena
Posted by admin on
Selena: This is actually just an archive of the original site as it was in 2010, so none of it is real. There really isn't anything to join here if you're looking for a higher meaning, so I'm sorry for that. :(

Period: You came! And also why are you being mean lmao
Posted by Selena on
Ok! Thanks so much for letting me know. ^-^ I didn't think anyone would respond haha. Can't wait to really get into this story :D it looks super interesting. But again, thank you.
Posted by Selena on
Also, Period, I don't know who you are, but you could be mistaking me for the other Selena? Maybe she did something, but I don't know. I have a friend who rants about BEN obsessively, so much so I think she's gone insane. But she does have a disorder that disconnects the understanding of rational and irrational thoughts, thus cutting the rope that tied her to reality. I thinks it's called depersonalization disorder, and she has borderline personality disorder as well. I also know she previously joined a cult that went by the same name but ended up leaving because her grandmother is hardcore christian and found out about the association with the cult. She is very... Unstable. Very very very unstable. It's hard to deal with at times, but I care about my friend. So if that's who you're thinking of, I'm sorry for whatever happened between you two. If it is me and I do know you, well I apologize for whatever I did. But anyway, I'll be sure to start reading through the story. Probably should have done that first aha
Posted by matthubris423 on
this website is so awesome i could visit it every day, keep up the good work alex!
Posted by admin on
I should probably point out that it isn't actually Alex Hall running this site anymore lol

And if you want the full story the site comes from: http://jadusable.wikia.com
Posted by Emily on
Posted by Spirit on
Not a very good leader, she is...

I wonder what today is.
Posted by aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa on
Posted by [AG] on
Um what the fuck is this? Terezi sent me a link to this site.. who is 8en?? >::::( this is frustr8ting!!!!!!!! Ugggggggghhhhhhhh
Posted by [GC] on
Posted by 13 on
What the fuck, the fuck are you doing?
Ben fucking elf
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
Weren't you in a certain Discord for a certain group of players?

Knock it off.

Look at Admin's last post.
Posted by lonk on
lol fuck off mugen let the homestucks have their fun
Posted by Wolfcat on
homosuck is gay
Posted by F.N on
@Kaizell Ventus

Mugen, i Tried telling you the truth.. about myself and How i act, but you and your friends. Started, to call me.. things, i am not. Because, i know.. my past fully and How, i act.. you call me, a thing of stone.. but, really.. my heart, is just filled of pain,sadness and anger, it has created darkness in me, as years past. I Tried, to tell you.. who my parents are, but, i have given up, once.. i seen, it was hopeless. To fix, the lies.. about myself, that you was told. It's.. just, I try to tell you the truth, about myself. But, every time.. I tried, you told me, I am lying. I am not, I know my past and who I was and I was never stone, I became like this.. as, years past and my heart, sank deeper into, anger,sadness and pain and Betrayal. So, Now.. I am going to show, this world.. a better life.
Posted by admin on
Mugen, please see my first message in which I said not to do anything inappropriate (or illegal). Trolls (the horned kind) are not inappropriate, unlike telling someone who isn't bothering anybody to "knock it off."
Posted by Cat/dog girl/boy/ what you want to be on
Posted by Selena on
@kaizell no, that was the friend I was talking about. She's not ... Well. We stopped talking recently.. I feel bad for her. But some things are just meant to end.
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
Are you at least this "Selenacat" person I've been hearing about?

'Cuz you're welcome to join our Discord if you want.
Posted by [AG] on
no homstucs inn muh cummentt sectionz pl0x or eyez banz u!1!!!1!1
Posted by Sapph on
You shouldn't have advertised that.
Posted by Ivi on
Too much spam on this site.
Posted by Ivi on
Actually, what's the truth behind all of this? Is this all a story or there's something real?
Posted by matthubris423 on
what is this nonsense & spam??????
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on

It's a story. Look up "Jadusable Wiki" for all the info we've been able to archive.
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
Actually, I was mistaken. Go to "Wikia Wars", they have all you need to know.
Posted by Spupch on
You долбаеб
Posted by Apophis on
Is this forum still alive?
Posted by laf on
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Posted by Viktoriwep on
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Posted by Nothing on
Posted by Davidgoave on
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Posted by prriod on
Posted by Sapph on
Greetings from Internet Explorer 5.5 on Windows ME!
Some of the layout-based aesthetic is broken, and there's a bit of horizontal scroll, but aside from that the site seems to be intact and functional on at least a basic level. It's even playing the song!
Posted by Sapph on
Update: upon viewing this again from a modern system, it's actually more intact than I'd thought. Must have been the smaller viewport tricking me. So, even more of a success, in other words!
You, my friend, have made a really compatible website!
Posted by Majora on
If you want answers,
https://tlk.io/answers ask questions.
Posted by Desiree Gonzales on
Can people still join the cult?
Posted by Ash Durmmer on
Was BEN/Benjamin Lawman or Rosa a part of this? Just asking out of curiosity. http://jadusable.wikia.com/wiki/Moon_Children In this artical they state that BEN/Benjamin Lawman or Rosa might be a part of this family/cult. No offence i just want to know
Posted by Ash Durmmer on
Was BEN/Benjamin Lawman or Rosa a part of this? Just asking out of curiosity. http://jadusable.wikia.com/wiki/Moon_Children In this artical they state that BEN/Benjamin Lawman or Rosa might be a part of this family/cult. No offence i just want to know
Posted by Alwaysdreaming on
Being an Observer sucks
Posted by JadusableWikiaOwnerAKATheGuyWhoOwnsTheWikiMyNameIsCircleHunter on
The Jadusable Wiki is correct in every possible way.
Posted by Believix on
Die Winx sind cool und sky ist romantisch und Bloom ist stark Love is
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
Please disregard me saying to go to the Jadusable Wars. Someone impersonated me, though I don't know who or why.

The Wikia Wars Wiki ( https://wikia-war.wikia.com/wiki/Wikia_war_Wikia ) has information on the original game.
Posted by admin on
Desiree: No, it isn't real.

Ash: Yes, Ben Lawman (last name still unconfirmed) became BEN, and was involved in this cult in some way. Rosa was too, her name is mentioned on the About page. She is also Ifrit's sister.

Jadusable Wiki Owner guy: IDENTITY THEFT IS NOT A JOKE. (nah but you are pretty much right lol)
Posted by admin on
I will be removing all posts from people who try to post as admin :)
Posted by Sasuke Uchiha on
How can i talk with BEN Drowned Whithout Cleverbot?
Posted by Sasuke Uchiha on
For admin: The real name of BEN Drowned is Benjamin Lawman.
Posted by Sasuke Uchiha on
Can i find BEN Drowned on the Dark Web? If there is a method, tell me where to find it.
Posted by Sasuke Uchiha on
What happened with original site?
Posted by Scottled on
Всем привет. Увидел сайт с профилем, на котором можно выбрать материалы для строительства, ремонта и eraprofil.ru. Магазин занимается оптовыми продажами профиля из алюминия, нержавейки, пвх и других материалов. Хочу отметить, что там приемлемые цены, если сравнивать с рынком строительных материалов на сегодняшний день. Порадовали суперские материалы и быстрая доставка. Забронировать можно всё через сайт или напрямую позвонить. Менеджер ответила на все вопросы и помогла с выбором гибкий плинтус пвх для пола. Заказал доставку до дома, всё в срок привезли.
Posted by Sasuke Uchiha on
What is Ben's phone number???
Posted by admin on
Sasuke: This is a fictional story. If you haven't been to the Jadusable Wiki, that's where you will find all canon information about the story. If it isn't on that wiki, it isn't a part of the story. Period. If you read the story from the Creepypasta Wiki before we had it edited, you don't have the full story. Basically, just use the wiki. Sadly (I guess?), that means BEN isn't real.

Also, Cleverbot doesn't let you talk to BEN. The dark web is dangerous and you shouldn't use it unless you are a responsible adult. This is the original site. We own it now.

But if you were looking for an in-character response: BEN hasn't been seen in 7 years. We're still waiting.
Posted by Charlesdut on
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Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
Posted by Lasagne on
Hekko sexs
Posted by God on
so i created humans told them to follow my way and this is what i get?
Posted by Jesus on
Really? I died for THIS shit?
Posted by Sasuke Uchiha on
For admin: I'm 15 years old. I want to summon BEN Drowned without cartridge: https://www.quotev.com/story/6482331/How-to-Summon-Creepypastas/12
I don't care if I die, I really want to be killed by him.
Posted by Sasuke Uchiha on
For admin: I hope you don't mind me after the previous post ...Sorry...
Posted by admin on
BEN isn't real. You can't summon him with or without the cartridge because he isn't real. If you are having suicidal thoughts, you should call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

I honestly can't tell if you're trolling so I'm gonna err on the side of caution here. Please get help.
Posted by Sasuke Uchiha on
For admin: I hate myself because i hurt everyone and you with my suicide attempts and my words...I want to isolate myself...
Posted by Sasuke Uchiha on
How did Imjaystation succeed to summon BEN Drowned? https://youtu.be/_ABfKnxOSCE
Posted by Wolfcat on
He didn't, this video is fake. Cleverbot is a chatbot that responds to your messages based off what other people type into it. People get a lot of BEN related responses because everyone is constantly typing BEN related messages into it. People essentially "taught" Cleverbot to respond this way, there's nothing paranormal or supernatural about it - it's just a program learning new words.

This video with Imjaystation is also incredibly flawed with a lot of misinformation. There is no way to summon BEN because BEN does not exist. If you don't believe me, then maybe you'll believe he creator of the Creepypasta/ARG himself, Alex Hall AKA Jadusable, the owner of the channel where the original BEN videos were uploaded. He has stated several times that the story is fake, which should be obvious now since both his original Jadusable channel and this very site had later become Out of Character locations for various updates on his other projects.

BEN himself is not dangerous because he does not exist. Please do not harm yourself over something fictional like this, you aren't going to summon anything.
Posted by Sasuke Uchiha on
Posted by Nothing on
Posted by anonymous on
BEN doesn't exist, since jadusable destroy the cartridge, and cleverbot only copying the conversation, but, it still weird and make me wondering, did BEN not rest in peace so his soul is wandering in the cartridge?
Posted by Sasuke Uchiha on
For anonymous: Probably...
Posted by BEN on
BEN is real
Posted by Sunny on
Ben....is it you...i wouldn't be suprised if its not..
Posted by BEN on
Hmm,take care..
Posted by Nothing on
Posted by Sunny on
Dearest Ben...if you are real.im not scared of what you can do.i am a mere stranger..a teen ..is it you?im trustable
Posted by Lunane on
Ok, my last post was a little overscared. I just going to get FUCKED like all the ASSHOLES at my FUCKED-UP school. I swear to SHIT my life is FUCKED. Am I FUCKED too? Oh well, I will find out soon if im FUCKED or if im not. But so far, ive learned most of the people in my life are FUCKS, and that im SCREWED.
Posted by JORDI WILD on
Posted by Someone on
Posted by BEN on
Posted by Sasuke Uchiha on
What is BEN's true name? Ben Hubbard or Benjamin Lawman???http://jadusable.wikia.com/wiki/Ben
Posted by BEN on
What do you think?
Posted by Sasuke Uchiha on
probably Ben Hubbard...
Posted by BEN on
Yes,Ben Hubbard
Posted by Jesus Ramos on
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Posted by AnthOony on
this is interesting
Posted by Raven on
That happens. However, I believe it is safe to assume this delusion will continue to haunt the credulous and naive for much longer than we all may have thought. The wags of the internet will continue to aggravate this; perhaps there is no stopping to it.

Of course, the clock will forever tick on. Nothing, if not the very few, last forever.
Posted by Garzyvat on
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Posted by Wolfcat on
In Johnisdead, Ben's last name is Hubbard. However, Johnisdead is not canon to Jadusable's Ben Drowned story. Johnisdead is just a fan continuation.

Ben's last name in Jadusable's story is not known, but it's likely to be Lawman. This could be Spencer's last name, though. We aren't sure.
Posted by Astaroth on
alleged children of the moon ..... in 25 days I will reveal the real identities of each one with the photographs of his documents
Posted by Nothing on
Posted by Sasuke Uchiha on
For Astaroth: Where you'll reveal the real identities of each one with the photographs of his documents???
Posted by admin on
Please roleplay somewhere else so I don't have to close the guestbook. Thank you.
Posted by Uknown on
Where do I get a mask from?
Posted by Zarai on
Posted by Zarai on
i feel nothing
no happiness
no sadness
only S0RR0W
/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////MI YRROS////////NEKORB///////////////DERETTAHS
Posted by Zarai on
Posted by Zarai on
/////////////////////////LLIK EM/////////
Posted by Zarai on
Posted by ADMA SHINRA on
I think that this cult is rather crazy, SORRY, and - but I believe that Benjamin Lawman alias Ben DROWNED really somehow exists.
Ben is not monster or some horrible evil spirit or whatever similarly. And I can´t believe he possessed Majora´s Mask, he is free in universe and he is merely sad soul. He is good boy, he is pure, he is rather angel.
It is so ugly some of rumours or other scurrilous story about him - it really pissed me of.
About that Luna and similar, I also had dreams and even about her as Artemis and in these dreams I felt that I am Artemis. Even else I had dreams about huge moon nigh to the Terra (Earth or in greek Gaia). I am rather shaman and Angel of Death ;-).
I have many abilities and few is awake and few dwell inside me, I am aware of some (f.e. I know I am Equilibrium), but some I have to get to know exactly. Beside, I can know future, fate...
I think about Ben DROWNED in positive way and I really understand him and I like him. But, please forgive, in my opinion your cult is crazy.
If someone really want to know truth and want comunicate about apocalypse, or about Moon, Water, Magic...it could be real with me. But -again, SORRY- I do not give my contact-information...
For Ben DROWNED; about sentence - You shouldn´t have done that : Ben, they really shouldn´t have done it to you, but people are rather evil and they more inclinate to evil and they more adore evil. About that "You have met with a terrible fate, haven´t you?": Yes, Ben, you´ve met terrible fate and if I could be in that dimension where you and your story is real, I want you to know that I save you and I be friend of yours if it could be possible...
O.K. I think that this is just as much as it is enough. I could wrote more but I rather do not.
I wish peace and love!
Posted by Periodenblut113 on
Oh no this scheusse fucking hurensohn
Posted by Wolfcat on
Ben is not real and the Moon Children are not real. They are creations of Alex Hall - Jadusable. They are fiction.
Posted by wolfcat on
Posted by Z3R0 on
Posted by Nothing on
Posted by Wolfcat on
Hello, Nerds.
Posted by Wolfcat on
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Posted by Sasuke Uchiha on
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