I guess it's time to clear things up.

Hello. I don't know who's out there, and I'm not sure I want to. Kinda didn't think I'd ever feel the need to come here again, but I feel drawn to this place like there's unfinished business.

I'm going to tell you what's happened so far.

I'm not sure where to start, so it may take a while to get my head in the right place for this.

Maybe it would be best to tell anyone reading this that I used to be involved in the Lunar Children. They had their ways of molding young and impressionable minds. I was one of them and so were several of my friends. I wish I knew why we fell for all of it, but knowing wouldn't change anything. If we'd been smarter, maybe one of my friends wouldn't be comatose right now.

There was a big event where we were meeting a while back. I was not told exactly what was going on, being a lowly peon like I was. That was the day of the incident that ruined my life. There was a lot of people, too many people, and I wish I had known about the outsider guy they brought in sooner than I did. God, that day was the worst.

I'm really sorry if it sounds like I'm beating around the bush, I just don't know if anyone who poses a threat to me can see this. I've done well to stay pretty low so far, so who can blame me for being paranoid, right? So, once we made it out of there, a few of us stayed together for a while. I don't know how many actually escaped.

When it had all settled, it was just us hiding out in a motel. I couldn't go back to my parents, we were so far away and I didn't have the guts to return after running away like I did. When we ran out of money, we had to find another way. One of us was very sick from the start, I don't know what happened to make him like this. It got worse. One day, he was just unresponsive. We didn't have anywhere to keep him safe, so we sought shelter in the only place we knew of. We went back to the site of the disaster and hoped that whatever had caused so much pain was no longer there. It wasn't there.

I mean that in two ways. When we arrived, it was just untouched as if nothing had happened. We went inside, and it seemed like the morning of the incident. There was no ruin, no bodies. The sanctuary doors were still attached, like the blast that took them off was just a dream. How was that possible? Even weirder was that later that night, as we slept in the most comfortable pews we could find, I heard a voice that sounded impossibly close to me. I couldn't tell what it was saying, but it sounded familiar.

The other way that I meant that it wasn't there...well, that's harder to explain. We had to leave in order to find food. Well, I did. The others stayed behind. I wasn't gone for long. I came back to find some kids playing near the entrance to the holy place (why do I still call it that?), and that it was smoking ruins. I panicked. I ran to the entrance and screamed for the others. I was hysterical, and crying, and by the time I got to the door, I noticed that the place was just fine. I was met at the door and assured that everything was okay.

But the kids were still playing. They didn't turn to see me. They just had no knowledge that anything was wrong in the first place. Could they hear me? Were they real? Was I hallucinating the fire? I didn't know at the time.

Hell, I don't even know if I know now. Later, I came to find that no matter what, it's impossible to get the attention of anyone outside the building or its property from within it. In fact, I'm not even sure what they see when they look in its direction. Is it like it was before the incident? Is it just an empty lot? Whatever the case, it looked like we had a safe place to stay and no rent to pay for it.

About a week after deciding to stay there, we became much more comfortable with knowing we couldn't be discovered. I mean, we had lost everything and had no plans for the future, so at least one thing went our way. Turns out that getting a job is much harder when you don't have a home address. I left the property when those kids showed up again and asked what they saw when they look in its direction. They told me it was empty.

I didn't want to believe it, but at this point, who am I to complain?

Time passed pretty quickly after all that happened. It has now been a year since that day. I want things to get better for us. The others aren't too well. I don't have much more time to spend talking here, so if anyone is reading this, I might not be back after this entry. Many people I knew have died, and I'm scared for our friend's health. He hasn't spoken a full sentence in months. We can't take him to a hospital. We can't risk being found by surviving cultists, if there are any. We're the only three left that I know of, and I would rest easy if only I could know the Lunar Children name has truly died.

All I can do now is hope.

It is 6:16pm. He has stopped responding to us entirely. No matter what, he just doesn't react. We have no choice but to take him to a hospital, and hope for the best. If you're out there, wish us luck.

Well, it's been about six hours since we arrived at the nearest hospital. He's in the care of people we can't trust, but we couldn't even feed him anymore, so what were we supposed to do? We can't spend the night in the open at the hospital, so we came back. I contemplated telling my other friend to stay there, and that she needed to be seen as well. I didn't. She insists that it's just a cold, and it might just be a cold. We just can't afford the luxury of assuming anymore. I'm still updating here, I guess. If anyone's out there, I sincerely hope we're not enemies. The one thing I'm afraid of now is the others being harmed. It might be a while until I say more here, it might not. I don't know anymore. The last six hours have been beyond stressful.

Earlier today, those kids came back. I walked up to them and they ran away. I guess it's for the best since we don't know what's in the rubble that they see. I haven't bothered racking my brain to figure out the deal with that, by the way. After a while you just learn to accept shit no matter how weird it is. And that brings me to this morning.

I woke up really early for some reason, and found that some of our stuff had been moved. Maybe I'm just imagining it because of the stress, but I could have sworn I left my hat next to the pulpit with the rest of my stuff. I found it in the pew next to me.

Anyway, we're going to the hospital to check on our friend. I hope he's okay.

We mever made it to the hospital. I am okay, she's okay. We just couldn't get close to the place, I can't explain it. Something was keeping us from it.

I left to go to the hospital by myself after that last entry, and ran the whole way. I know how unlikely it is that I'm being followed after so long, but even so, it's still really hard to feel safe out here in the dark with nobody else. I found that he had been put under for whatever reason, and has yet to wake up. They're not sure what's wrong.

I returned to find the place empty, which isn't very comforting this late at night. Some stray drawings were left lying around on her side of the sanctuary. I liked them a lot. She came back a short while later, turns out she just went out to get food for the night. I'm tired of being so paranoid all the time.

Nothing much going on right now. Woke up at like 6. Really tired. You know how sometimes you can see something once and then it's everywhere? It's very irritating and I want it to stop. I swear I've seen this weird thing six times since I woke up.

Once, just ONE TIME, I would like to have a day where it feels like things are looking up. ONE DAY.

Okay, so I just woke up to the sound of a loud crash from outside, sounded like thunder but the sky is clear right now. Not amused. I think I'll see if she wants to go to the hospital with me later, kinda hope she does since I'm not a fan of walking there by myself. She's feeling a lot better now, so I guess I was just worried for nothing. Now we just need to know what's wrong with him.

I came back inside after a short walk, and it wasn't a great idea to even go out there in the first place since it's currently like 50 degrees and I didn't have my jacket. Anyway, I came back inside and decided to kill time by wandering around inside. I came around to a closet we haven't been inside of much, since we really have no need to be rifling around in them, but I was curious and it looks like it paid off. I now hold in my hands a small box, maybe the size of a shoebox, but locked. A three-digit combination lock built into it is keeping me out. I've tried several famous three-letter combinations, yet none have worked so far. I don't know anyone who might be good with this sort of thing, and taking this out into the open is an obvious invitation for trouble.

I looked at more of her drawings a few minutes ago. Very relaxing.