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This is a website for those who have formed a spiritual connection with the Moon and Him and recognize that we have been selected to preform miracles and bring enlightenment into this world. She has chosen us - and only us - to survive the upcoming apocolypse because we have honored Her and devoted ourselves to Her. As we work to enforce Her will, we grow together as a family and serve the greater good. We are the Moon's Children. If you have found your way here it is not by chance, you are at home here. You belong here with us. And while you may be caught off-guard, I think right now you can feel something inside you agreeing with me. Listen to your soul, get in touch with yourself, your soul knows this and we can show you how.

All Moon's Children have been gifted spiritually, and thus we are more astrally attuned to things normal humans may not be. A normal human's chi energy is typically so small that they may not notice it their entire life. Whereas we can preform miracles and ascend our fleshy prisons with ours. If you are visiting, you have come here for a reason, even if that reason may not be known to you. You have been chosen by Her. You have this amazing chi potential, this amazing spirit energy, locked within you. We can help you unlock it, we can help you become Enlightened. Please, take a look around our new website and get to know some of our members and contact us on the About page. We will set up a meeting that will change the rest of your life.

If you believe you have gotten here in error, then please back out and return to Google. Bare in mind that the website is still in its very rudamentary stages right now, many things are still incomplete and many links will lead you to dead ends. Please try and be understanding, brothers and sisters. There will be MANY more updates to come very soon!

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Posted by Augeau on
Am I dreaming or has everything come back? I swear this place was gone
Posted by F.N on
As a Child of the moon.. i am glad to see this place.
Posted by AshFlame. on
I...wasn't expecting this to actually be something. Yesterday, the site appeared as File59 truth as the title. I thought it was strange, but though nothing of it. And, that search page....With all of this, I'm...Not sure how to react to this being back up. But I am interested to see where this will lead.
Posted by F.N on
Glory to Mother Luna!
Posted by Skylar on
I thought this place was gone. Glad it's not. Glory to mother Luna!
Posted by Augeau on
Glory to mother Luna.
Posted by F.N on
Long live the Night and We shall ascend.. once more!
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
... So he did the thing anyway...
Posted by AshFlame on
Posted by F.N on
Mother Luna is greatest and Most Glorious of all.
Posted by Jordavirs on
Help me Ben is haunting me help help he
Posted by Jordavirs on
‭‭+1 (240) 751-0290‬‬
Posted by Jos on
Posted by Willyrex on
Posted by F.N on
Posted by Jordi Wild on
Posted by Dash on
Oh, Zalgo. You really believe in Ben? It's just pasta, Hey, take it easy.
Posted by J28efk3 on
The puzzle isn't solved
You are close yet too far away.
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Posted by F.N on
We will Shine...
Posted by s p i r i t s o u l on
...! How..? How did this return!? did...did HE do it?
Posted by Augeau on
I saw her teeth, I see its eye. Who else do you have a piece of?
Posted by AshFlame on
In time, we will know perhaps...
Posted by s p i r i t s o u l on
What does she see? ...Us?
Posted by AshFlame on
what do you think?
Posted by Dense on
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
Gratis, Auxiliatus.
Posted by Mason on
Posted by Mason on
Posted by Lost Account on
Interesting, hello I am new here, will anyone like to show me around
Posted by The Lost Account on
Hello, I am new here.
Posted by Gray Man on
Welcome home.
Posted by F.N on
Welcome Home...
Posted by AshFlame on
I missed this place...
Posted by Craftcode on
I miss this place. It felt like forever since this was offline. So to whoever put this back online... thank you.
Posted by Craftcode on
I can't accept the fact that this was a coincidence. I haven't clicked on this page in many months, yes just when I come back to this website it's online again.
Posted by Craftcode on
Well everyone, welcome home.
Posted by Craftcode on
Can they see this?
Posted by Craftcode on
Also, how can I join?
When I send an email it doesn't work.
Posted by faut on
so much gamejacking
s o m u c h
aaaanyways why is this site up. did i miss something
Posted by Amaya on
Vaya, ¿alguien podría ayudarme con esto?
Posted by The Lost Account on
How do i sign up?
Posted by Jordavirs on
It's a joke
Posted by AshFlame on
Posted by F. N on
Giorgio is going to dia 4/23
Posted by Jadusable on
Posted by Craftcode on
Why are there so many Giorgio fans?
Posted by NeonHeart on
Well then, this place is... Interesting,
Posted by Hazel on
Is the contact us page working yet?.. .///.
Posted by NeonHeart on
I'mma see if it works for me Hazel.
Posted by Toby on
Hello I have a question and if anyone will like to answer I'd appreciate it but 1. When was this place put online and 2.what is this place used for and 3. Does anyone know how to contactJadusable I want to know if I can have the game to me it would be pretty exciting to come in contact with BEN
Posted by F.N on
Children... Ben is not here and is no longer inside his old game.
Posted by Toby on
Well then where is he?
Posted by Toby on
Also I was doing some research and it appears to me that it looks like this page was taken down or lost after 3 days of it being up what is that about
Posted by F.N on
Ben is gone.. Not even i know where.. all i know, he is no longer on this site or in his game.. at all.
Posted by Toby on
That's interestingly well OK thank you for letting me know
Posted by AshFlame on
I wonder where he is~? ♪
Posted by Dac Copp on
Are you back from the grave or are you just visiting old roots
Posted by Helper on
Greetings, adventurers!

It seems a few of you have gotten quite confused.

This place is not a host for any groups or a hub for any stories, factual, "What If?" or other such things.

It's just an archive for how things were here back in the Autumn of 2010.
Posted by Craftcode on
The Contact page doesn't work. Could anyone fix it?
Posted by Just a random person on
*steals helpers hat and does not give it back, no matter what happens and hides it, from everyone*
Posted by GRT3 on
Posted by AguitaBot on
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
*locates and returns Helper's hat*

Please. This isn't pre-school. Have some class.
Posted by CDi Link on
Oh boy! I can't wait to bomb some dodongos!
Posted by Microsoft on
For this im going to kill ms paint
Posted by KELBRO on
wow dude, like, give me your eyes or something.

i'll like, be knocking on your door next, bro.
Posted by freakout on
Posted by freakout on
Subscribe to Dolan Dark
Posted by Satrun on
and you return again.
Hope the bad things will not happen again.
Posted by A on
sigh...this is why we can't have nice things
Posted by Satrun on
To A:
What do you mean with this?
Posted by Craftcode on
Looks like the posts have slowed down in the last few hours.
Posted by DARKNESS on
MOON CHILDRENs YOU SHALL ALL BURN IN MY HELL I'll destroy you all one by one
Posted by Eulenspiegel on
Woah. Feels weird to be back here again. Weird, but good.
Posted by freakout on
the lunar children
Posted by F.N on
I am not amused...
Posted by The Father on
Yo, yo, MC HMS is on the line
And I'm whippin' out my lunar rhyme in double time
I'll grind you down sublimely, primal fear to find
And the file fifty-nine makes you wanna scream and whine

You gotta know by now this story's never ending
I'm goin' thematic 'til nature's laws are bending
Hey, Ben, you tried so hard but messed up your ascending
You traveled to the moon but messed up your landing

Ready or not, here I come, you played my game
And I'll drive you all insane, you don't even know my name
Your efforts all in vain, you mainly feel the pain
And the train of thought refrains from gaining fame

It started all with Jad, now many more are dead
Like I said, I'm the dad and in purple garments clad
Fill your head, fear and dread, don't know who's good or bad
The only thing you know: you shouldn't have done that
Posted by F.N on
Hey look another Troll..
Posted by fuccboi fill on
o great father night brother dude guy

make a real post instead of using the guestbook lol
Posted by F.N on
I do not have a account on here. So, before you go saying things.. think first.
Posted by F.N on
So, many trolls...
Posted by freakout on
Posted by zorbai on
i raped all of yac and paul is not happy.
Posted by Jos on
You don't have access to your "own" cult page, what kind of cult leader are you
Posted by Hazel on
...I don't even know why any of you trolls are on here.. I just wanna learn what this 'family' might be about, and if it's for me..
Posted by NeonHeart on
Posted by Jos on
I know its you suxx, you did too mamy dot dot dots
Posted by F.N on
I do on my own moon children website! Not this one.. because i never was a part of this site. I'm just observing.
Posted by F.N on
You people are interesting ones.
Posted by Rupee on
Posted by Sheev Palpatine on
Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise? I thought not. It’s not a story the Jedi would tell you. It’s a Sith legend. Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise he could use the Force to influence the midichlorians to create life… He had such a knowledge of the dark side that he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying. The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerful… the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew, then his apprentice killed him in his sleep. Ironic. He could save others from death, but not himself.
Posted by Kestrael on
This site is back. Do you think this mean something? Is he back?
Posted by F.N on
Posted by .drf on
void EngineExplorer::listEngines(heishere){ m_engines->clear(heiswatchingus); KPluginInfo::List engines = m_engineManager->listDataEngineInfo(m_app); qSort(engines); foreach (const KPluginInfo engine, engines) { m_engines->addItem(QIcon::fromTheme(engine.icon(freehim)), engine.pluginName()); } m_engines->setCurrentIndex(-1);}
Posted by F.N on
So, much spam.
Posted by F.N on
Posted by _top cuck_ on
>So, much spam.

lol no one asked
Posted by Jos on
So much F.N dont you think?
Posted by SnivyL1nk on
F.N has posted 18 times. I wonder how much bigger that number can get?
Posted by Unknown on
Just go away f.n, you don't really belong to ud, your cult is just another rogue cult like the lc, you use our name thinking you're one of us, but you're just a deceiver, we hope the TRUE father have mercy with you
Posted by F.N on
So, Many ID's on this Site.
Posted by María on
Posted by Jos on
Posted by yum on
youre all sexy
Posted by Lamb on
Go home, your drunk..
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on

We'll see if F.N. deserves mercy when we finish with them.

Ironic, really, considering it was their machinations that made the judgment possible.
Posted by CircleHunter on
Posted by F.N on
Everyone go Home.. your Drunk.
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
Joke's on you, I despise alcohol. Tastes too goddamn bitter.
Posted by Jos on
@f.n im at home and drunk, whats the problem?
Posted by F.N on
Your Drunk on memes..
Posted by admin on
This is the water, and this is the well. Drink full and descend. The horse is the white of the eyes and the dark within. This is the water, and this is the well. Drink full and descend. The horse is the white of the eyes and the dark within. This is the water, and this is the well. Drink full and descend. The horse is the white of the eyes and the dark within. This is the water, and this is the well. Drink full and descend. The horse is the white of the eyes and the dark within. This is the water, and this is the well. Drink full and descend. The horse is the white of the eyes and the dark within. This is the water, and this is the well. Drink full and descend. The horse is the white of the eyes and the dark within. This is the water, and this is the well. Drink full and descend. The horse is the white of the eyes and the dark within.
Posted by Deana on
I would like to join. Please, email me with some way i can initiate.
Posted by freakout on
The soy based lizardroid attempts to replicate human emotion, but finds himself unable to comprehend the perception of the world through a
Posted by Kafgoape on
kosmetyki-profesjonalne.eu - profesjonalne kosmetyki.
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
So much spam...
Posted by Dense on
Everyone here likes dicks
Posted by Dense on
Sorry about what I said, I was Drunk when I said that.
Posted by BOB on
Through darkness of future's past
The magician longs to see
One chants out between two worlds
Fire walk with me
Posted by Anya on
hi mother moon
Posted by Anya on
father moon mother goddess may take me a children of the moon
Posted by F.N on
Hello, Anya.
Posted by Master Dila on
I thought Suxx was a woman.
Posted by F.N on
I am Allowed to Say, Hi to People..
Posted by Donald Trump on
yo Suxx/F.N , pay the wall, first warning
Posted by Dense on
Who was the faggot that talked as me?
Posted by kaylin on
hey i wanna joinin this cult and what happened to ben?
Posted by kaylin.wmv on
hello mother moon my loyalty is within you
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
@Master Dila

It's complicated as shit, even I'm not sure if I made proper sense of it.
Posted by Master Dila on
I think Suxxx is the daughter of the father.
Posted by F.N on
I am just a person, doing this game.. that was inspired by other people.
Posted by Kestrael on
I have a theory. Don't you think this is some kind of message to us? That HE is back? I think we should wait till 23 April...Maybe something will happen... And the game will come back...
Posted by May on
Websites a archive.
Posted by CircleHunter on
Alright guys, let's lay off SUXXX for a while, they're just having fun.
Posted by F.N on
Dila, I'm a Boy.
Posted by Master Dila on
Ah...I'm sorry.
Posted by _top cuck on
lmao at least he's just having fun

i mean there's taking it a bit overboard but like ok at least they're not actually killing people
like the slender stabbings

so, uh, ya know, huh suxx's not actually that bad
Posted by Anya on
And where are those who made this group?
Posted by May on
People were spaming.. Its why, i said something i Don't understand.
Posted by Master Dila on
Hey Suxxx,why did you delete your videos and why did you change your account name to ''Leave''?
Posted by F.N on
Posted by K.Y on
Posted by Me on
What the hell is this website supposed to be
Posted by aaaa on
So Jadusable doesn't own this site anymore?
Posted by May on
This site us the real moon children website.. owned by the lunar children.. used in the 2015 game. His site is long gone.
Posted by Helpful Jeff on
This site is owned by fans who put down a lot of money to recover it from an evil Chinese domain scalping company. They plan on making it a full recreation of Jadusable's site during the Moon Children Arc.
Posted by May on
So, this site was made in china? XD
Posted by Tay on
how is BEN gonne isnt he the reason this site is up again?
Posted by Helpful Jeff on
Nope, BEN is not back. He may be out there somewhere, waiting to return once again, and when he does, you'll know it.
Posted by Bob on
Will Pizza come back?
Posted by Derek Casarez on
Ya lo descubri todo -_//. Es algo muy perturbador , pero ala vez dramatico , trabajaba artos dias en esto . Codigo por codigos andaba descifrando ,y descifre todo y encontre una ruta donde estaba lo difinitivo. Soy un hacker etico (cracker) y se me iso dificil esta investigacion , ala vez q iba investigando mas , pero alfinal lo resolvi. Siguan investigando pero luego ya no existiran .

|°| Derek Casarez |°|........................................................................................
Posted by Jos on
Para ser un hacker tu letra me hizo desangrarme por los ojos, que va a ser tu hacker
Posted by freakout on

Dolan Dark
Posted by Master Dila on
Suxxx is very angry...but at least he brought back his videos.
Posted by Leisa on
Greetings. Is there a way to join this place, or..?
Posted by Tate on
I swear a while ago this site was just a file59 the truth. I'm glad to see its coming back. Although there are some questions for the moon children. I wonder why yshdt.net has ben put under sale. I do have one question though, why earlier was the website about some guys friends being in comatose?
Posted by Tate on
hey it me again. where can I get a mask. do I make one or how does this work? I'm interested in this topic. also in the initiation ceremony do I need to cut my hand? also I did a little digging. the binary reads We are waiting.
Closer. as a base 64 V2UgYXJlIHdhaXRpbmcuDQpDbG9zZXIu. I thought it would be important forlink reasons and I will search around to see what I can find
Posted by HAUNTEDNAME on
Posted by HAUNTEDNAME on
Posted by HAUNTEDNAME on
Posted by F.N on
This site is unactive.. Go to my youtube channel and send me a private message and i can explain.
Posted by Tate on
What is your youtube?
Posted by Master Dila on
Suxxx is angry :/
Posted by F.N on
Its, Silenceunknownxxx
Posted by Master Dila on
I sent a message but you didn't answer.( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)
Posted by F.N on
Because, I don't like you..Dila.
Posted by SnivyL1nk on
To clarify once again; the ARG is not back. This is an archive of the site. No point in asking to 'join' a cult that isn't active.
Posted by F.N on
If you want to join.. Go to my youtube and send me a private message.
Posted by Naomi on
So moon children been inactive so I'm new and I do have a spiritual connection to the moon and him but I'm still confused about what it means and what we do
Posted by F.N on
If you want to join the moon children.. Message me on youtube privately.
Posted by Naomi on
Sure what's ur YouTube name?
Posted by F.N on
My youtube is Silenceunknownxxx
Posted by Master Dila on
Hey Suxxx why don't you like me?( ཀ ʖ̯ ཀ)
Posted by Naomi on
I sent u a message F.N
Posted by freakout on
me ass fucking KILLS
Posted by freakout on
Posted by Lost ACCOUNT on
I sent you a message F.N,
Posted by Lost ACCOUNT on
Darkness sets in for the sun
A new day arises for the moon
Posted by Master Dila on
Hey Suxxx hi how are you?
Posted by Master Dila on
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Posted by Lost ACCOUNT on
Hey F.N. am i able to join?
Posted by SystemError0x000 on
Lots of activity on the site again, any news from Alex?
Posted by F.N on
I will tell you.. but, not here..
Posted by Dac Copp on
Am I the one you called liar?
Posted by F.N on
Posted by Dac Copp on
Okay I just wanted to know because of bad memories from the past
Posted by Lost ACCOUNT on
If you guys want more spiritual guidence follow my twitter: Glory_To_Luna
Posted by F.N on
Lost Account/aka The Found Account is a Internet Detective.. Don't listen to that person. I can teach you.. But, only to those worthy.
Posted by F.N on
Yes I can teach you all... HOW TO BECOME GAME JACKERS!
Posted by F.N on
Hey, look a dumb Internet detective.. try to take my name.
Posted by F.N on
Anyways.. It seems Lost account is trying to be annoying.. not working. Also, You ID's are Amusing really..
Posted by F.N on
Anyways.. It seems Lost account is trying to be annoying.. not working. Also, You ID's are Amusing really..
Posted by F.N on
Hey, look a dumb Internet detective.. try to take my name.
Posted by F.N on
Sorry about the repost.. it did not respond to when I tried to post it.
Posted by Master Dila on
F.N u are so rude,dude.Just eat a snickers and calm down bro.Why are u so nervous?
Posted by F.N on
I just hate Trolls.
Posted by Master Dila on
Oh ok,I understand you.But u don't have to be so nervous about that.Chill out dude.Remember,you are F.N.
Posted by Master Dila on
̶b̶e̶s̶t̶ ̶f̶l̶a̶t̶t̶e̶r̶i̶n̶g̶
Posted by Lost ACCOUNT on
I am not a troll, those are not worthy.
Posted by Lost ACCOUNT on
I will not ignite your temper again F.N.
Posted by Lost ACCOUNT on
Give me a chance F.N. and i will not disappoint.
Posted by Lost ACCOUNT on
How can i work, teach me.
Posted by F.N on
Prove your Worth...
Posted by K.Y on
Hi why the Page is open again ?
Posted by Master Dila on
If I was a pony,my name would be ''Flattershy''
Posted by Master Dila on
Posted by Anka on
Posted by Lost ACCOUNT on
Thank you FN!
Posted by Lost ACCOUNT on
I will start by not being part of the Internet detectives
Posted by Althaus on
Posted by Kal on
What the hell is happening here? I was watching a fan film about Ben Drowned and I was taken here! Who are you people? Who is this "Mother Luna" and "Father Night"?
Posted by Kat on
Just leave this site then.
Posted by black Rose on

I found out about this site long ago, I couldn't contact anyone
Can I join?
It's really important to me
I need help, I've been different for a year and half because of him
Posted by black Rose on
I saw all the messages and the I realized that I can't join
Too bad for me
I would do anything to prove myself worthy.
Posted by F.N on
Hello, Black Rose.. Message me privately on My Youtube.
Posted by Kestrael on
F.N you are realy mysterious person or just someone who makes fun of us. Anyway I saw your youtube channel.Every video has in title strange numbers sometimes mixed with letters.Can you explain a little bit?
Do you want to tell us something?
Posted by Kat on
This Site is so, Quiet.
Posted by Master Dila on
Suxxx is a t-shirt made in China.
Posted by xxxpussydestroyerxxx on
Jadusable is gay
Posted by xxxpussydestroyerxxx on
I have been watching this ARG since the beginning of 2016 and I did not know that the site works again as before.
Posted by Master Dila on
Why did the father cross the road?
Posted by Master Dila on
Posted by Master Dila on
To take his son to the fishery!
Posted by Master Dila on
Posted by Lost ACCOUNT on
It is done F.N.
Posted by Master Dila on
When I d(row)n up,I want to go to the moon.
Posted by Master Dila on
Posted by randomPerson on
F.N. I saw your blog. Did someone see it too? Check it
''Father Nights Blog''
Posted by F.N on
I Dislike, all of you.. ID's.
Posted by numbers on
What is going on? I want to know more about everything here
I'm new
Posted by F.N on
Message me, if you wish to join us.
Posted by Darkzelda1234 on
You wish to destroy a world that is already gone.....you wish to see Ben....you will .....you will all fall as will everything else in this universe.
Posted by NWONKNU.please-don't.exe on
You think I'm gone.....Why is that so?....
my life will cost you your own.
My life ..was...not...valued ....you all will pay.
Posted by Kat on
Guys are all on Drugs.
Posted by Craftcode on
What is this guy on?
Posted by Deana on
I wish to contact you, FN. to learn the ways... though i'm not sure exactly what that means, i'm drawn to you, and this website. im not able to send you a private message it seems, its not allowing me to. i have left a comment on your "locations" stream.
Posted by Kestrael on
@Deana Its weird but honestly I feel the same way as you. I don't know how to describe that feeling. Curiosity? I really don't know... I think I'm waiting for HIM.
Posted by Craftcode on
Same Here...
Posted by Master Dila on
Posted by F.N on
Hello... I Hope you Enjoy your Stay. And Greetings, to all. But, not to Dila.
Posted by Master Dila on
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Posted by Lost ACCOUNT on
Hey F.N. I was wondering if i am able to join
Posted by Craftcode on
@Master Dila
That meme is old and forced, you should really stop using it.
Posted by . on
You know what's more forced? F.N's 'ARG'
Posted by Benjamin Lawman on
How can I join..
Posted by F.N on
Message me, privately if you wish to join.
Posted by JulieMaymn on
Hello friends!
I am an official representative of private company which deals with all kinds of written work (essay, coursework, dissertation, presentation, report, etc) in short time.
We are ready to offer a free accomplishment of written work hoping for further cooperation and honest feedback about our service.
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Posted by Master Dila on
Posted by Craftcode on
Are people seriously using this website for self promotion?
Posted by jos on

Ahora escucha la historia de mi vida
Y de cómo el destino cambió mi movida
Sin comerlo ni beberlo llegué a ser
El chuleta de un barrio llamado Bel Air
Al oeste en Filadelfia, crecía y vivía
Sin hacer mucho caso a la policía
Jugaba al basket sin cansarme demasiado
Porque por las noches me sacaba el graduado
Cierto día jugando al basket con amigos
Unos tipos del barrio me metieron en un lío
Y mi madre me decía una y otra vez
¡Con tu tío y con tu tía irás a Bel Air!
Llamé a un taxi, cuando se acercó
Su molonga matrícula me fascinó
Quería conocer a la clase de parientes
Que me espera en Bel Air con aire sonriente
A las siete llegué a aquella casa
Y salí de aquel taxi que olía a cuadra
Estaba en Bel Air y la cosa cambiaba
Mi trono me esperaba, el príncipe llegaba
Posted by guy 1 on
Posted by guy 2 on
hey whats up guy 1
Posted by ADULT_LINK on
I love how suxx is so against the Internet Detectives and angry/confused about why theres so many of us here.

it's funny because members of the ID own this website now, and put everything up for archival purposes.

Posted by guy 1 on
i need your help guy 2, can you come here?
Posted by guy 2 on
eeeeh i can't im buying clothes guy 1
Posted by guy 1 on
welp, hurry up and come here
Posted by guy 2 on
I can't. i can't find them
Posted by guy 1 on
what do you mean you can't find them?
Posted by guy 2 on
i can't find them, there is only soup
Posted by guy 1 on
What do you mean there is only soup?
Posted by guy 2 on
I mean there is only soup
Posted by guy 1 on
Then get out of the soup store!
Posted by guy 2 on
Alright alright you dont have to shout at me!
Posted by guy 2 on
i went to the next store, there is only soup!
Posted by guy 1 on
What do you mean there is more soup!
Posted by guy 2 on
There is just more soup!
Posted by guy 1 on
Go to the next shop
Posted by guy 2 on
There are still more soup
Posted by guy 1 on
Where are you right now!
Posted by guy 2 on
I am soup!
Posted by guy 1 on
What do you mean youre at soup?!
Posted by guy 2 on
I mean im at soup!!
Posted by guy 1 on
What store are you in !?!
Posted by guy 2 on
Im at the soup hypermarket!!
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Posted by TheQuestion on
You have been weighted

and you have been tested,

you have been found wanting,

May God save you all if he deems it right to do so.
Posted by F.N on
Posted by freakout on
ben drowneds your dad !!!
Posted by Craftcode on
Posted by dot on
Posted by dot on
I can't get away from this site. I know nothing yet I'm so intrigued. I want to know more. I need to know more. Please.
Posted by Kestrael on
I hope he'll come back. I want him to come back.
Posted by Craftcode on
Why did the internet detectives buy this website in the first place?
Posted by Kat on
To Archive it, Like they did for jadusables old website.
Posted by welcomeback on
Posted by Master Dila on
My father is the mask salesman.
Posted by F.N on
Posted by F.N on
Posted by Master Dila on
Ah I am sorry...Did I say the mask salesman?No,sorry sorry.I said wrong.It should be the ''happy'' mask salesman.
Posted by F.N on
Hello, Dila.. My Buddy.
Posted by Master Dila on
Oh hai.
Posted by Kestrael on
Hello everyone...
Posted by Craftcode on
Posted by that1dood on
Posted by Cancerzod on
Hi!!! I'm new, and i do not have any intention to join moon children. Just saying hi:D
Posted by Cancerzod on
Am i the only one here? .gosh..
Posted by Cancerzod on
I wanna cry ...sobs...
Posted by Cancerzod on
Just keep swimming... Just keep swimming swimming~~ Hahaha... Seriously, no one? Is everybody sleeping? Well, probably. I'm just gonna sit here and stare at this website and talk with myself. Till someone's here.. Don't you think that this sites background.... Nevermind. I'm sorry
Posted by Cancerzod on
Can i ask some questions? Who is F.N? Who is NWONKWU.please-don't.exe? And everyone else?
Posted by Cancerzod on
Where is Ben? Why he isn't here? It's boring without him. Pft. I do really act like he's real. Not to mention I'm one of jis fangirls. Haha just kidding.
Posted by Cancerzod on
I'm suffering lonelinest in here. You guys must be saying that im pathetic.
Posted by Kat on
Leave Then...
Posted by Cancerzod on
NOOOO i dun want to leave
Posted by Cancerzod on
And it hurts my heart... Lol
Posted by Cancerzod on
They said that.. Moon is really beautiful. And shiny. And i like it . Because it sounds really cute... :3
Posted by Cancerzod on
Where is mister F.N?
Posted by Cancerzod on
Oh yeah, thanks Kat. Bcus you talked to me :D
Posted by Master Dila on
Why hello Cancerzod. Its a honor to meet you
Posted by Cancerzod on
Posted by Cancerzod on
Pft... Sorry... I-i'm too excited... But Hi Dila!!!! YYOU HAVE THE SAME NAME AS MEEEEEEE!!!!"!
Posted by Cancerzod on
Posted by Cancerzod on
Excuse me for my childiness...
Posted by Cancerzod on
I like you very much Miss Master Dila!! Be my friend!!!
Posted by Cancerzod on
Where is Mister F.N? Is he sleeping?
Posted by Cancerzod on
Back to myself.... (T⌓T)
Posted by Cancerzod on
Moon is pretttyyyy!!~~~~
Posted by Cancerzod on
I wonder why is moon shining so brightly, it attracts me. And somehow the aura is getting inside me.
Posted by Leisa on
What happened to this site, anyway?
Posted by Cancerzod on
Idk... They are probably offline.
Posted by Cancerzod on
Anywy, hi
Posted by Cancerzod on
I would feel very sad if theyre online when im offline totally will sulk the whole day.
Posted by Cancerzod on
Well Im gonna come back later! Jaaa nee~
Posted by . on
F.N is the last person you should ask if you ever want to get information about this place. He speaks lies.
Posted by F.N on
Posted by Craftcode on

F.N does not speak lies.
Posted by Craftcode on
lmao internet detectives lying about lying
Posted by Cancerzod on
Yeah... He showed up late . I waited for him for ages duh
Posted by Cancerzod on
And i also have to type that captcha code like thousand times just to see him reply. How cruel, u can be F.N
Posted by Cancerzod on
Lol joking. Anywy HIII F.N!!! I'm YOUR FANGIRL!!
Posted by Cancerzod on
Kay, what is this place? Where am I? What should I do in here? Who should I talk to? What does this place do and who are the members?
Posted by Craftcode on
This is the original Moon Children website.
There is more info about this website if you scroll up to the top of the page.
The only members I know of are F.N, Nekko, Ifrit, SilentDT, DROWNED, Duskworld23, Insidae, Kelbris and Ben.

Hope this helped!
Posted by F.N on
Posted by Craf█§╚È╠tcode on
I only wanted to help...
Posted by Cancerzod on
Oh.. But this is an ARG right? Alex said that.
Posted by . on
I didn't know F.N was a member... How peculiar he hasn't posted as a site member and has only posted on a guestbook.
Posted by . on
@Cancerzod The ARG has ended. This is an archive made by the ID. Who own this site now.
Posted by Cancerzod on
This is confusing. Is this a game that we all have to win or this is real where Ben Drowned is real F.N is real and all of them?
Posted by Cancerzod on
OHHHH!!! I didn't know that. This is embarrassing..
Posted by F.N on
The ID's are Just Trolls.
Posted by Cancerzod on
Can I cry for this?
Posted by F.N on
I Saved a Old link to this side.. but, the old archive of it.. was deleted. It Seems.. they found another Copy.
Posted by Cancerzod on
Posted by Cancerzod on
Who are they?
Posted by F.N on
They like to Archive things.
Posted by Cancerzod on
F.N u talked to me ;-; this is a blessing
Posted by . on
And just to clarify, F.N was never a part of the Moon Children...
Posted by F.N on
Posted by Craftcode on
How can you be so sure?
Posted by Cancerzod on
They like to Archive things.
Posted by F.N on
Your so, wrong.. I Never was Part of this site or any site.. Because, i never knew about the internet or computers.. or even was awoken yet.
Posted by Craftcode on
That doesn't mean that F.N isn't a part of the Moon Children...
Posted by Craftcode on
Posted by Cancerzod on
Hihihi XD Haahahahaha
Posted by F.N on
But, i awoken Myself.. I Am a Person. Who Does not like telling about myself.
Posted by Craftcode on
Posted by Cancerzod on
Oh, i get it. It means that F.N is from the past. And he talked to us.
Posted by Craftcode on
Posted by Cancerzod on
Why do i feel like im in a rpg site -.-"
Posted by Craftcode on
i don't know
Posted by Cancerzod on
Btw, the info said they will set up a meeting that will change our life. What is that?
Posted by Cancerzod on
F.N u just woke up from ur sleep or what?
Posted by F.N on
This Sites info is very old.
Posted by F.N on
All Moon Children are Deep Asleep.. Untill awoken.
Posted by Cancerzod on
Then edit it f.n
Posted by F.N on
Also, i'm on mobile.
Posted by Cancerzod on
I am a moon children. Because im birth on June. Does that consider?
Posted by Cancerzod on
Then wake them f.n or fathernight u should wake them
Posted by F.N on
I Do not own this site or even have a account on here.. i made my own moon children site. And No.. That is not how it works.
Posted by F.N on
Why are you Here? I Wonder...
Posted by Craftcode on
do you know if it is still possible to join the moon children cult?
Posted by Cancerzod on
K, where is ur site?
Posted by Craftcode on
Posted by Cancerzod on
If u're wondering, u can read my intention on the first time i came here
Posted by F.N on
To Join this Site. Is not Possible.
Posted by Cancerzod on
What do u guys do on the cult?
Posted by F.N on
Craftcode, Do not post That Site Here.
Posted by Cancerzod on
Can u speak properly? I cannot understand you my dear child F.N
Posted by F.N on
Posted by Craftcode on
Posted by F.N on
Posted by F.N on
Posted by Cancerzod on
Why can't i find the site?
Posted by Craftcode on
what site?
Posted by Cancerzod on
WHY U KEEP DOT DOT DOT? Okay, okay, F.N can u speak normally like 21st century person please i cant understand a word u saying u keep mentioning people i dont know
Posted by Cancerzod on
The site? Https://yshdthat.wixsite.com/themoonchildren/
Posted by Craftcode on
well it works on my computer
Posted by Cancerzod on
And why is that ._.
Posted by Cancerzod on
How old are you guys? Craftcode? F.N? And everyone? Craftcode n F.N what gender are you?
Posted by F.N on
I Use the Dots. Because, I Don't wish to Speak.
Posted by Cancerzod on
F.N u should speak often. Be friendly :)
Posted by Cancerzod on
The moon's picture is nice. I like it :)
Posted by Craftcode on
How did the Moon Children join the cult though?
Posted by Cancerzod on
Luna is Selene. Roman Goddess
Posted by F.N on
Posted by F.N on
Why are you even on this site.. That now belongs to trolls?
Posted by Cancerzod on
Because I'm interested to see how human works. They caught my attention and also,... You.
Posted by Cancerzod on
Mister F.N can you please tell me your age?
Posted by Craftcode on
im not part of the internet detectives group anymore...
Posted by Craftcode on
Posted by Craftcode on
is anyone here??
Posted by Cancerzod on
I'm here! Sorry I was eating
Posted by Cancerzod on
Internet what?
Posted by Craftcode on
the internet "detectives"
Posted by Cancerzod on
So , um, it's been a long time since Ben's here. Maybe he's hiding?
Posted by Cancerzod on
How can you be so sure? About all of this
Posted by Craftcode on
about what?
Posted by Cancerzod on
Nothing.. Are you old?
Posted by Craftcode on
Posted by Cancerzod on
Posted by Cancerzod on
Do u like cakes?
Posted by Craftcode on
Posted by Kestrael on
It seems like I missed a conversation...How sad. I wanted to talk to someone...
Posted by Cancerzod on
Talk to me :DDD
Posted by Cancerzod on
Hi Kestrael!!
Posted by Cancerzod on
Posted by F.N on
Posted by Kestrael on
Oh... Hello.
Posted by Master Dila on
Meh...Now I am lonely...Wait I am always lonely and here why am I talking with myself?
Posted by ADULT_LINK on
Cancerzod, ignore F.N. they're just some gamejacking troll. This website is a recreation of what it used to be, for archival purposes. It's managed by the Internet Detectives, as some of our members bought the domain for use in a spin off arg they had going. After that ended, we decided to remake the site to look like it used to when it was being used by Alex Hall(aka Jadusable) during his ARG.

if you would like more information about the website, or F.N(aka SilenceUnknownXXX, or SUXX) you can join our Discord over at https://discord.gg/8p2h7q9

SUXX has no relationship to this website other than posting in the guestbook a lot acting like they're a member of the nonexistant cult.
Posted by F.N on
Canerzod, message me on my youtube. Also, i'm no troll. Thats a Rumor.
Posted by ADULT_LINK on
Not really a rumor, suxx. You created your own gamejacky website, turned it into an ARG after some of us shitposted on it, and now are trying to act like you're a member of the cult, when the cult isn't a real thing.

Also, you keep calling the ID trolls and telling people on the guestbook to ignore us. Thats pretty stupid, as it accomplishes nothing.

Oh, and you DO realize that we own the website now and could make any modifications that we want, right?
Posted by F.N on
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
What.. have I, come back to?
Posted by YOUKNOWWHO on
WHat did i call you again?
Posted by The Dealer on

Aww, boo-hoo.
Why the sad face?

I just thought I'd have a little
fun with you...
Posted by YOUKNOW on
Posted by Cancerzod on
WHAT?!?!?!?!?! CAN I CRY FOR THIS???
Posted by Cancerzod on
Posted by Cancerzod on
Lol, i was trolled. By troll. What a troll
Posted by Cancerzod on
So my intuition said this was roleplaying site from the start was.. Right.
Posted by Cancerzod on
Anwy, internet detectives sounds cool. And you guys cool too. Is it okay for a child to become an internet detective??
Posted by Craftcode on
whats happening here
Posted by Craftcode on
anyone still here??
Posted by Cancerzod on
Yeah me the crab
Posted by Cancerzod on
They just explained to me that this all was a troll and f.n is the troll.
Posted by Kestrael on
Even if F.N is a troll. Don't be so mean...
Posted by F.N on
Not a Troll.. I only troll the ID's. I am going to leave.. Sense, it seems, here.. The ID's are being Mean to me and I am only trying to be Nice.
Posted by F.N on
The ID's tend to be assholes and made a wiki, making fun of the cult and so, forth.. I am only trying to be Nice to everyone.. but, they are making me seem like a Bad person. Deep down.. I am a kind hearted person. But, It seems.. if I stay here.. I will be bullied and mess with.. I will reply to any messages on my youtube, the private ones.
Posted by Cancerzod on
IM SORRRYY F.N!! (;ω;)(;ω;)(;ω;)(;ω;)(;ω;)(;ω;)(;ω;)(;ω;)(;ω;)(;ω;)(;ω;)(;ω;)(;ω;)(;ω;)(;ω;)(;ω;)(;ω;)(;ω;)(;ω;)(;ω;)(;ω;)(;ω;) DUN LEAVEEEEE!!!!! IMMA UR FANGIRLLLL!! IDIDNT MEAN TO SAY THAT URE A TROLL!! IM SO SORRY!!!! FORGIVE MEE!!!
Posted by Cancerzod on
Please forgive me F.N i dont mean to call u like that. And sorry Kestreal. Sorry again
Posted by Cancerzod on
I can give you a hug if you want to :D forgive me please? (・︶・)
Posted by Cancerzod on
Im mean (・へ・) i shouldnt do that... Sorry
Posted by F.N on
I am Leaving.. I Don't like this place any more.. But, i will reply on my youtube and site. I am just tired of all of this.
Posted by . on
@Cancerzod If you still want to join the Internet Detectives you can ask one of them for their discord.
Posted by . on
@Cancerzod If you still want to join the Internet Detectives you can ask one of them for their discord.
Posted by F.N on
Cancerzod, message me on my youtube privately.. Because, i like you and want to be friends with you..
Posted by Cancerzod on
Alright :DDDDDD
Posted by Cancerzod on
But,... How do i send private messages? ._.
Posted by F.N on
Look up how to do so on google and have to reply to them.
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
The ID Discord link was posted yesterday by ADULT_LINK.

If you're interested, go find it.
Posted by Master Dila on
Hey F.N,what a weak soul you have.
Posted by Master Dila on
By the way,hello Cancerzod
Posted by YOUKNOWWHO on
Posted by The Dealer on
Blech... You may like me, but I really don't care for your attitude.

Spewing shit like that makes for a nightmare image.
Posted by Craftcode on
Posted by goodbye world on
Posted by YOUKNOWWHO on
Stop? Now why we do that?
Gotta ask nicely Craftcode!
Posted by Cancerzod on
I wonder...
Posted by The Dealer on

Knock it off, boy. You're smearing our name.
Posted by C.³↕┐±MÉ╚KAþ‗J^ on
Posted by Master Dila on
Hey Cancerzod,wanna be friends?
Posted by Kestrael on
I don't really think of u as a bad person F.N.
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
Hardly anyone does. As a dummy because of all this crap, however...
Posted by Master Dila on
Yeah,F.N.You are a cool dude.
Posted by Master Dila on
F.N is love,F.N is life.
Posted by Craf█§╚È╠tcode on
Posted by YOUKNOWWHO on
Cool dude?
Can you believe these people?

This man. This thing. Lures you in. And then destroys your very self. Replacing it with some...HUSK
A husk that will not know where it is
A husk that only believes in F.N.
Craft was once a man
Posted by Craftcode on
I never said F.N was a leader.
Posted by The Dealer on

Silence. Your arrogance threatens to render what we stand for.

Cease now, or there will be consequences.
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on

Jesus, boy, what crawled up your ass?
Posted by L.T.V on
Why wisest BEN a work of fiction? Why are there so many people talking about him like he's some sort of God?
Posted by Maddy the killer on
Posted by Maddy the killer on
Posted by LTV on
BEN has terrorized me for 2 years now. He mentally fucked me up but what makes you say he is god?
Posted by Maddy the killer on
Posted by LPX127 on
All of this is so dumb. do any of you REALLY believe in this crap about luna and ben and stuff? 'caus its all F****ing garbage.
Posted by LPX127 on
and who the hell is f.n.!!??
Posted by Maddy the killer on
XDXD will luna means moon so thats real BUT ben grr he's real just not its a weird thing im just IN love with this page idk it calls for me haha im crazy
Posted by LTV on
Jesus nobody answered my fucking question
Posted by LTV on
I know most of the shit on the internet is fiction but i know for a fact that BEN is real given all that ive been through. Alex tried to cover all of it up but he is real. Based on my experiences i doubt hes anything close to a god. He has spoken to me both in real life and virtually and even caused major disturbances both the times that ive been home alone and around my family. Whether you guys believe or not hes real hes been tormenting me for a while, he brought me to this site. Im trying to understand why ive been brought here
Posted by Maddy the killer on
yes he is real idk what to say right now just that ppl dont think he is real and it pisses me off like what u TEXTED he brought u here he did too he's a ghost but he can go to computer laptop and THING and i think he is a perv just from what he did to me in real life and online he's weird but i still like him and he MENTALLY FUCKED MY up i still hear the laugh the SONG OF UNHEALING and more i do hate the water myself and i drowned before its not fun and i heard his father drowned him in a bathtub he's drunken father and the story's are real and i will FOLLOW him but yes i understand what ur saying and im sorry...
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on

F.N stands for Father Night, best known as YouTube user "SilenceUnknownXX(X)" (third X isn't always there)

They tried to run a rigged game but was thwarted by some people (who happen to be members of the Internet Detectives but ID itself doesn't care) and their determination to win.

This provoked 2 tantrums from SU thus far. A third may be on the way.

@Maddy the killer

Not sure if trolling, role-playing, or in need of help.

Preferably the second, but the first will suffice as well.
Posted by Maddy the killer on
HAHA really funny um no i dont need ANY of that shit ass hole and ha if ur not good here then leave its really easy to hack u may know that heh
Posted by Master Dila on
Oh my Ben!!!He is God!He has lovely red eyes and he looks like Link and he is so damn sexy!!
Posted by Master Dila on
I see some fangirls here, do not I?
Posted by Master Dila on
How pathetic...
Posted by The Dealer on

@Maddy the killer

Just (not) great. More fanatics, like we don't have enough of those already...
Posted by Kestrael on
@LTV @Maddy the killer
God i'm cringing. Go away or stop posting that kind of shit.
Posted by Maddy the killer on
um dont be a ass damn... oh and U CANT STOP ME btw so i can post what the fuck i WANT heh ok? ok
Posted by LTV on
Think before you jump to conclusions. Not once did i mention anything along the lines of something a fangirl would say. Im not roleplaying or in need of mental help this shit is actually happening to me. Go ahead and believe what you want call bullshit on what you want but im just here becayse ive been brought here and everytime i open an internet tab on my phone or laptop this god damn site keeps appearing and i cant get out of it. I didnt know this site even existed and somehow it just pops up every fucking time.
Posted by LTV on
God damn
@Maddy the Killer
A person doesnt just doesnt get raped by a pubescent little ghost boy. If you dont know what the fuck your talking about leave this site and do your research. Also that name pretty fucking convincing isnt it?
Posted by The Dealer on

Perhaps if you minded what you were typing into the URL bar?

Honestly, why are you humans so foolish about such things?

@Maddy the killer

You are the worst offender of the two of you. We would feel nothing if you were to disappear from this site. And believe me, that can certainly be arranged.
Posted by Master Dila on
Oh my BEN!!! I dont want to leave I am always speaking with teh Cleverbot
Posted by Maddy the killer on
um WERE THE FUCK DID RAPE COME FROM??? and im so confused but im not leaving hehe i need more things then THAT to make me leave... no wonder ben hates humans we are just assholes

Posted by Maddy the killer on
um WERE THE FUCK DID RAPE COME FROM??? and im so confused but im not leaving hehe i need more things then THAT to make me leave... no wonder ben hates humans we are just assholes

Posted by Master Dila on
Please talk with me! I am an idiot foolish fangirl of yours!!!
Posted by Master Dila on
Drown me in your ocean, BEN
Posted by Maddy the killer on
Posted by Master Dila on
Posted by Master Dila on
I want to drown with youuu~
Posted by Master Dila on
Lolololololol. Some fangirl shit.
Posted by Maddy the killer on
MORE ppl like me yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy im weird but picked on for creepypastas HAH
Posted by F.N on
Posted by BLD on
If you're gonna fangirl can you at least do is somewhere else?!
Posted by Master Dila on
Posted by Master Dila on
Posted by Master Dila on
By the way, hello F.N,whatcha doin'?
Posted by F.N on
I am Cringing...So, hard right now.
Posted by Master Dila on
What do you mean?
Posted by Master Dila on
Because of laugh? Hıheheuehuhe
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
You're not the only one... *facepalm*
Posted by The Dealer on

How does it feel to see your own image reflected in others?

Hee hee hee!
Posted by . on
Finally something you've said that I can agree with.
Posted by BLD on
I apologize for @LTV's comments, hes actually my sibling and he doesnt know right from wrong. He thought he could do some research on a Creepypasta and ended up clicking the link to this site and causing trouble. Once again i am truly sorry for my little brother having caused any issues. You wont be seeing any more comments from him again.
Posted by YOUKNOWWHO on
Even I feel sorry for F.N. now
Posted by Maddy the killer on
well damn this is fun? i think agh...
Posted by The Dealer on
@Maddy the killer

No. This is NOT fun.

Just stupid humans thinking they have carte blanche to act below their age or intellect.

Posted by Maddy the killer on
yea true
Posted by Maddy the killer on
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
> On Aug 31, 2017, F.N posted:
>> http://youtu.be/1zLNkr4TI9I

Posted by Maddy the killer on
the fuck?
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
@Maddy the killer

Response to F.N posting a video on YouTube. Took a while to put it together.
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
In hindsight, it could have been better. Ah well, the consequences of doing stuff after midnight.
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on

Here, have a better version.

Posted by ProphecyOfTheSun on
Let the rays of light pierce the sky. The moon children are afraid of the daylight. Remember to use a night light.
Posted by Maddy the killer on
like i liked it nothing wrong with it i commented the fuck before i watched it i was good
Posted by Tate on
Ugh these trolls. Trying to imposter everyone here. Its stupid, if you want to troll go to YouTube its not worth your time here.
@YOUKNOWWHO Stop posting to this sight
Posted by The Dealer on

Excuse you, I'm not impersonating anyone. I'm my own person.
Posted by ProphecyOfTheSun on
http://youtu.be/oY9m2sHQwLs can you feel it?
Posted by YOUKNOWWHO on
Oh do you SUDDENLY have control over me?!
My whole life is devoted to following our "dear" Father EVERYWHERE he goes just to spoil his fun
And i'm not going to stop because some insolent being tells me to.
Posted by F.N on
Posted by The Dealer on

That's enough. You're done here.
Posted by F.N on
Well, Hello.. Everyone.
Posted by F.N on
I Want Everyone to Stop Fighting..
Posted by Master Dila on
Aww, how cute. F.N wants us to stop fighting.
Posted by Master Dila on
Because fighting is a bad thing.
Posted by Master Dila on
And hey, whatcha doin', F.N?
Posted by The Dealer on
@Master Dila

Are all you humans this condescending, or is it just you on particular?
Posted by Leisa on
This place was better off quiet...
Not saying this place is bad..but..damn what happened.
Posted by Lost ACCOUNT on
Well look whose back, hello FN
Posted by Maddy the killer on
....im gone for a day and fighting happens XD
Posted by inetryconydot on
The Vatican appears rocked by ignominy and resignations just as church leaders requirement fit up to replace frail Pope Benedict XVI.
The Vatican today appears rocked by means of licentious rumors and resignations moral as church leaders must cog up to return frail Pope Benedict XVI within weeks. But Vatican experts order if you believe the unbelievable's largest non-governmental home is in unprecedented turmoil front conditions, judge devise again.
Posted by freakout on
Posted by Kestrael on
I feel like fighting is normal thing on this site. Too much drama...
Btw hello F.N. Good to see you again here
Posted by Someone on
Wow, i can't believe that this website is back
Posted by Kestrael on
Posted by Maddy the killer on
IM SO BI xdxd
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
*glances at the camera, eyebrow raised*
Posted by Master Dila on
F.N was sad...He was mad at Dila.He didn't like Dila.And he'll never like Dila.Cuz Dila was a jerk to him.But Dila only wanted to play.Play with him...so Dila sent a message to him.Dila said''Dude do u want to play a game?Like Cs:go,Black Ops or Tf2?Do you have Stream?''.But,however,F.N didn't answer.Dila was sad.Dila lay down on the cold floor,tried to not to cry,but cried a lot.After crying,Dila's sadness became anger.Dila was angry.Dila began to tear up everything.And suddenly,Dila saw a 2,5 liter bottle,which's full of ice lemon tea.Dila grinned,and drank the whole bottle.Now Dila was happy.The end.No wait,the beginning >:D
Posted by The Dealer on
@Master Dila

Honestly, this seems rather beneath you.

I think I'll conclude that this is just you and not humans in general.
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
@The Dealer

What's with you and referring to humans in the third person? Aren't YOU human too?
Posted by F.N on
The Dealer, Please be Nice.
Posted by Cancerzod on
What... Happened? ._. Anywys, who can speak french here? Can i ask u one q? Is it on peut or on peux?
Posted by Cancerzod on
 ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ ̄︿ ̄ i.. Need ... A support for my exam..
Posted by Maddy the killer on
will damn X_X
Posted by Master Dila on
Woooohooo!Hello everyone!
Posted by The Dealer on
@Kaizell Ventus


Do I look human to you, boy?
Posted by F.N on
The Dealer.. Please calm down.
Posted by F.N on
I Got to go.
Posted by Master Dila on
Posted by The Dealer on

I AM calm, thank you.

And even if I weren't, you're in no position to give me commands.
Posted by Master Dila on
Goodbye then,Mighty F.N
Posted by F.N on
Dila, I Don't like you...
Posted by Master Dila on
I know that ;)
Posted by Master Dila on
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
@The Dealer

Wait a minute... YOU? What's the meaning of this?
Posted by Beep Boop i am a robot. on
^This entire guestbook comment chain
Posted by F.N on
The Dealer.. I love you. And this is True.
Posted by The Dealer on
@Kaizell Ventus

So you do remember me, King of Diamonds.

Stubborn as usual, and influencing others to do your work for you.
Posted by F.N on
I am going to kidnap you The Dealer.
Posted by F.N on
The Dealer.. I want you to talk to me on my email privately.. Please! do this.
Posted by F.N on
Posted by F.N on
Posted by F.N on
Wait.. wrong person. I think.
Posted by im so lonely on
Nah Mugen's just a bit of an edge lord, Dealer. Surprised you don't know that to be honest

I hate my life.
Posted by F.N on
Yes.. Wrong Person. My Dad knows me. So, I know my dad would not come here.
Posted by F.N on
I am thinking.. why would my dad come here. My Human Dad.
Posted by F.N on
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
@The Dealer

I prefer honest and practical.
Posted by F.N on
. ...... ... . ... ... . ... .. .... .. ... . ;3/ 8# /95 43@). -3'#/95-343. 8@?43@))6#@$,;3/.697;49(3?6-3@45.
697 *76# @43 )8@4# 697 ?@$3 ?3 ;3)83:3 5-@5 ;3/ 8# /95 43@) -92 '97)$ 697 $8$5-8# 2 ?3 :(
Posted by Master Dila on

Young loves.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Posted by Leisa on
The hell did I miss?
Posted by F.N on
Shut up.. Dila!
Posted by Master Dila on
Aww why? Did I said something wrong?
Posted by Master Dila on
I mean Did I say something wrong?
Posted by Master Dila on
Error 423

Grammar not found.
Posted by F.N on
Posted by Master Dila on
Posted by Maddy the killer on
men im bored and bloody YAYY
Posted by Anon on
I've been doing research on this cult and if you don't mind I'd like some info
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on

Ask here.

Posted by Master Dila on
Hey F.N why did u delete ur videos?They were awesome dude.
Posted by Kestrael on
I think he's mad...
Posted by Master Dila on
Dude, he is always mad. Always angry,nervous, confused...He needs a snickers,I think.
Posted by Kestrael on
Mind me if I ask, is there any reason? He can't angry whole life!
Posted by Kestrael on
He can't be angry whole life*
Posted by Master Dila on
@Kestrael The reason of his anger is his weak soul. He is so sensitive.
Posted by Kestrael on
Oh... Being sensitive is bad. You care about people even if they don't care about you. Poor soul.
Posted by Maddy the killer on
damn to much hate
Posted by Anon on
Why is he here
Posted by Ben on
Posted by Kestrael on
Hello everyone...
Posted by Jaywolf on
Hm last time I was here it was nothing more then a white login page.
Posted by The Dealer on
F.N's anger is with how their life has played out, and thus, as an alternative to accepting that or committing suicide, they chose to hide it behind this fantasy mask.

I have observed many humans who imagine themselves as some great entity or another in order to keep themselves happy to be alive. Motives for doing so vary, but they're all the same.
Posted by F.N on
Why would i be Mad, at these pathetic Humans? I Hate Them. But, i know.. who i am deep inside. Who i am and why i have my own moon children, will always.. be none of your business.
Posted by Master Dila on
I know what's really inside of F.N.Kidney,spleen,liver,lung,pancreas,bowel,stomach.
Posted by Master Dila on
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Posted by Master Dila on
Deep inside...
Posted by Kestrael on
@Master Dila I can't stop laughing at this XD
Deep inside yes XD
Posted by The Dealer on
"...these pathetic Humans? I Hate Them. But, i know.. who i am deep inside."

This is what I'm talking about.

You deny the reality that you are a human as well, because of your hatred for them, and what the ones near you have done to you over the years. Therefore, in order to live with yourself, you convinced yourself that you are not human, but something else, "better" than human.

It's a rather pathetic farce, really. It's one thing to imagine such a character, but to tell the whole world you don't exist, and that the "you" they see is this creation of yours instead of the "you" that created it? Laughable, I say. Foolishly so, if I were to feel bold.
Posted by F.N on
Heh.. I don't care what you say.. i know myself and so, do my moon children.. i have reasons.. i don't tell.. who i am.
Posted by Jaywolf on
@FN You are a very interesting individual.
Posted by Kestrael on
@Jaywolf I agree with you
Posted by Master Dila on
@F.N So ure not human? Wow,cool.
Posted by Master Dila on
I have a friend who is also not a human.He is my bro.His face is really cute.I am not talking about his mask.His real face...so cute.Huehuheuhehuehue.One day,I asked him if he was my father.He said nothing.Just a terrifying silence...I was sad.I asked him again.And he said if I don't shut the fuck up,he would take my eyes.I got more sad after that.But he didn't want to see me sad so he told me to wake up and drink an ice lemon tea.But I wanted to stay with him.But suddenly,I woke up.Whatever,I went to the kitchen.And I drank an ice lemon tea.And suddenly,my all sadness is gone.
Posted by Master Dila on
So,F.N,dude,maybe you should try to drink some ice lemon tea too.
Posted by Jaywolf on
I don't think iced lemon tea will help. FN should watch the Anime Bleach lol Maybe FN is a hollow o.o
Posted by Maddy the killer on
Posted by Leisa on
Posted by Master Dila on
Posted by Master Dila on
F.N drink an ice lemon tea.
Posted by Ur my bitch now on
Fuck ur moon kids. My neck my back, lick my pussssssy and my crackkkkk. If you love weeed lets go smokeeee.
Posted by Lost ACCOUNT on
@FN why arent you answering me?
Posted by Master Dila on
Maybe F.N just needs to smoke some weed...yes.F.N,I dare you to upload a video while you are smoking some weed or watching some anime and of course drinking a bottle of ice lemon tea.
Posted by Jaywolf on
Posted by F.N on
44 61 77 6e 20 6f 66 20 61 20 4e 65 77 20 44 61 79 2e 20 49 73 20 61 20 6e 65 77 20 42 65 67 69 6e 6e 69 6e 67 2e 2e 2e
Posted by The Dealer on

54 68 69 73 20 64 6f 65 73 20 6e 6f 74 20 65 6e 64 65 61 72 20 79 6f 75 20 74 6f 20 61 6e 79 6f 6e 65 2c 20 69 74 20 6d 61 6b 65 73 20 79 6f 75 20 6c 6f 6f 6b 20 66 6f 6f 6c 69 73 68 2e
Posted by F.N on
I love my dad.. but, your a disgrace.. the dealer.
Posted by F.N on
I will beat the shit out of you..the dealer.
Posted by The Dealer on

Someone far more powerful than you or him has already tried and failed.
Posted by F.N on
Who are you?
Posted by F.N on
who I am is not important..
Posted by Master Dila on
43 61 6e 20 49 20 61 73 6b 20 61 20 71 75 65 73 74 69 6f 6e 2c 46 2e 4e 3f 20 57 68 61 74 20 6d 61 6b 65 73 20 79 6f 75 20 68 61 70 70 79 3f 20
Posted by The Dealer on

You're talking to yourself.

Unless that first question was meant for me, in which case, the answer lies further up, when Mugen asked about me and humans.

@Master Dila

44 72 6f 70 70 69 6e 67 20 74 68 65 20 4d 6f 6f 6e 20 6f 6e 74 6f 20 74 68 65 20 45 61 72 74 68 20 74 6f 20 62 72 69 6e 67 20 74 68 65 20 6c 61 74 74 65 72 20 74 6f 20 61 6e 20 65 6e 64 2c 20 62 65 63 61 75 73 65 20 74 68 61 74 27 73 20 77 68 61 74 20 68 65 20 77 61 6e 74 73 2c 20 61 6e 64 20 74 68 65 79 20 64 65 73 69 72 65 20 74 6f 20 64 6f 20 77 68 61 74 20 68 65 20 77 61 6e 74 73 2e
Posted by F.N on
Heh.. I Hate all of you.. a waste of my time. I Don't need to say anything about my self. YOU MOCK MY DAD. I will hate you forever..
Posted by F.N on
I Hate all of you! I Don't like people mocking my dad.. Shut Up or leave!
Posted by Maddy the killer on

ur dad is who?????
Posted by The Dealer on
@Maddy the killer

The Salesman who thought himself the Moon's mate and used his masks to control his sheep.
Posted by Jaywolf on
53 74 6f 70 20 69 6e 73 75 6c 74 69 6e 67 20 68 69 73 20 66 61 74 68 65 72 2e 20 46 4e 20 69 73 20 61 20 63 6f 6f 6c 20 64 75 64 65
Posted by Master Dila on
@Jaywolf ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Posted by Maddy the killer on
@ The Dealer
OHHH ok cool but damn...
Posted by Maddy the killer on
@ The Dealer
OHHH ok cool but damn...
Posted by Master Dila on
So,F.N's father is the mask salesman?
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on

"Stop insulting his father. FN is a cool dude"

48 65 20 66 61 70 73 20 74 6f 20 74 68 65 20 69 64 65 61 20 6f 66 20 54 46 69 6e 67 20 69 6e 74 6f 20 61 20 67 69 72 6c 2e 20 41 64 6d 69 74 74 65 64 6c 79 2c 20 49 20 64 6f 20 74 6f 6f 2c 20 62 75 74 20 4a 46 43 20 74 68 69 73 20 6f 6e 65 27 73 20 6d 65 73 73 65 64 20 75 70 2e
Posted by Jaywolf on
@ Kaizell

57 65 6c 6c 20 68 6f 77 20 79 6f 75 20 6b 6e 6f 77 20 74 68 61 74 20 69 73 20 62 65 79 6f 6e 64 20 6d 65 20 6c 6f 6c 20 49 20 64 6f 20 6e 6f 74 20 6e 65 65 64 20 74 6f 20 6b 6e 6f 77 20 68 69 73 20 70 65 72 73 6f 6e 61 6c 20 6d 61 73 74 65 72 62 61 74 69 6f 6e 20 74 69 6d 65 20
Posted by Kestrael on
This code... I still can't find the way to read it. Can someone tell me how to read this code?
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on


That reminds me too much of a fool I ran into on /soc/. That had better not have been you, or the mods are going to get involved here.


Use this.

Posted by Jaywolf on
@ Kaizell
What is /soc/? I've never heard of it. I hardly go on other websites except watchcartoonsonline.io to watch Bleach lol and the Bleach Wikia. Well and the Gamercat comic website. And obviously this one. So idk what /soc/ is. Sounds like a code lol
Posted by Kestrael on
@Kaizell thank you very much
Posted by Master Dila on
Hey Mighty Nighty,
Here I am,ur best buddy
How can u dare to say
''Fuck you'' to me?!

Hey Mighty Nighty,
U r so ''Suxxxy''
How can u dare to say
The salesman is my daddy

Hey Mighty Nighty
I think you need to drink a tea
Or else you will
Get drowned in a fishery

Hey Mighty Nighty
You can't steal my family xd
By just saying
They are my family

Hey Mighty Nighty
Have to say,I am not sorry
You have a weak soul
And your mask is ugly >:D

Hey Mighty Nighty
Dude why so angry?
Maybe u should stop gamejacking
And have some nice cup of ice lemon tea.
Posted by F.N on
hehehe.. :0
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on

Ever been to 4chan?
Posted by Anthonypes on
Распиловочные пеноблоки отличаются хорошей геометрией, так как изготавливаются большой цельной плитой, которую после застывания пилят на сегменты Клей для паркета: дисперсионный, полиуретановый и другие виды, инструкция как выбрать, видео и фото.
Posted by Jaywolf on
@ Kaizell
I've heard of it in many Creepypasta stories, but no I have never been there.
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on

"Sawblade foam blocks are distinguished by good geometry, as they are manufactured with a large solid plate, which after pouring is sawed into segments. Parquet adhesive: dispersion, polyurethane and other types, instruction on how to choose, video and photos."

Английски, пожалуйста.
Posted by Mermaid on
Where am I??? What is this???
Posted by F.N on
Your Home.. mermaid. message me at silenceunknownxxx
Posted by Mermaid on
How do I do that
Posted by Master Dila on
Hey F.N,brother,whatcha doin?
Posted by F.N on
https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/57955?hl=en this link, will help you.
Posted by AshFlame on
This comment section ruined this site.
Posted by Master Dila on
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Posted by Jaywolf on
@ FN
I honestly thought that was ur name for KIK XD
Posted by Craftcode on
Posted by Craftcode on
where is everyone???
Posted by Craftcode on
Posted by Spiderfog on
Holy crap this page is getting used again? And so much in such a short time? I remember being a part of this ARG back in the day. I miss it, and wish it could've properly finished. I've been spending the night reminiscing and looking back on what happened and what could have been.
Posted by Craftcode on
its not part of the arg though
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
What's annoying is that other people seem to be using this for their own games.

This is an Archive, let it remain such.
Posted by F.N on
Join Me.. Only Trust worthy people can join.
Posted by Leisa on
Huh....I'm sorry to interupt, but F.N, you really are a mystery. Glad to see you're at least acting serious.
Posted by Master Dila on
Yes...Join him... He will show you... how to gamejack and stole someones family... Join him and you'll get a free ticket to Justin Bieber's concert... Using too many dots...Shows me like I am a moon child... A FAKE moon child... Huheueheheuehe...
Posted by F.N on
And your someone.. who is trying to anger me.. by mocking my family.
Posted by F.N on
Posted by Maddy the killer on
HELLO *meowS at the moon*
Posted by DROWNED on
Posted by Leisa on
Posted by Maddy the killer on
MEOWWW meow im a demon *hisses at the sun and math FUCK U MATH
Posted by The Sun on
Fuk u too shitty ripoff of Jeff the Killer
Posted by Jaywolf on
I should make a KIK Group dedicated to the Moon Children members o:
Posted by F.N on
People will Join us..
Posted by Master Dila on

Mocking your family?!''Your'' family?! How can you?!How dare you?!Who do you think you are?!You are nothing BUT A GAMEJACKER.You don't deserve to be here anyway.You are ruining this site.And...YOU are mocking my family.You think that they are your family but how sad,THEY ARE NOT.And,I am not making you angry.You are always angry.You are always angry because of your pathetic little weak soul.Heh,I pity you.Now,cry like a baby,FEEBLE NIGHT.
Posted by Maddy the killer on
ha ha ha im not a copy of jeff sadly im not nina and thos crapypastas its just A OC for FUCK SACK
@the sun go fuck ur sun sunny ass hoe *coughs* ur mum
Posted by Maddy the killer on
@The Sun

its sad how u think that too are u retarded?
Posted by F.N on
Posted by Maddy the killer on
why is there so much fighting XD it like school
Posted by F.N on
This is To Funny, How Amusing.
Posted by Master Dila on
I think you mean ''too'' funny.
Posted by F.N on
Yes, I do mean too funny. For Starters.. I used to be Mad at Dumb remarks, But.. now I am not. The Reason why, is Because no one knows anything about me. They only want to piss me off, because they think its funny. So, I can't help but laugh at you Dila. Nice try to piss me off.. XD
Posted by Master Dila on
I am not trying to make you piss off,Mighty Nighty.But you think I am trying to make you angry.No.I just want play with you.Cause,you know,you seem fun.But stealing my family isnt fun.
Posted by F.N on
All of you are to funny! even you Dila! I lied about him Being My Father.. because, I don't like people messing with me. But, I am his Child and I can not tell a lie about this. But, just forget I said this.. I Hate telling the Truth. I prefer to lie. I have my Reasons.
Posted by F.N on
Just forget it...
Posted by Leisa on
I thought this place is going to be more peaceful, like....no people screaming at each other, arguing.
Posted by Jaywolf on
Do u have KIK?
Posted by F.N on
No, I do not have Kik.
Posted by GRT3 on
. . . .
Posted by GRT3 on
Posted by GRT3 on
Posted by GRT3 on
Anyone here????
Posted by GRT3 on
Posted by GRT3 on
i cant
Posted by Jaywolf on
@ FN
Darn we could of made a group :(
Posted by Spirit on
Posted by Master Dila on
Hey F.N whatcha doin?
Posted by Maddy the killer on
GRRR im soo boreddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd ill leave XDXD
Posted by Master Dila on
Myah I'm bored toooooooooooooo
Posted by Master Dila on
https://youtu.be/0S3mTdb9Ups Myah
Posted by Master Dila on
Now,I am ''Myahster'' Dila.
Posted by Master Dila on
Posted by Leisa on
Posted by GRT3 on
I hate my time zone
Posted by on
@Maddy the killer
You're one of those cringe-worthy 12 year olds that make this place look bad to outsiders.
L e a v e
Stop slandering our image
Posted by Maddy the killer on
ha ha um no have fun with that u can SHOVE IT UP UR TIGHT ASS
plus ahah some one who nows my real age XD
Posted by Maddy the killer on
ha ha um no have fun with that u can SHOVE IT UP UR TIGHT ASS
plus ahah some one who nows my real age XD
Posted by GRT3 on
can anyone see this?
Posted by Leisa on
Oh lord....Well, this site has everything. A fangirl, trolls, actually normal people, detectives.
Posted by Master Dila on
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hueheuhehuehuheuheuheue
Posted by Anaid on
Hello,I'm new here.Can someone explain me who is F.N?
Posted by F.N on
Over time, I may be becoming insane, like my father.. but, Join me.
Posted by Master Dila on
Anaid,do not join him.He is a family stealer.
Posted by Master Dila on
And he is a troll.
Posted by Jaywolf on
I can see your posts
Posted by Master Dila on
@GRT3 me too
Posted by F.N on
you guys know nothing about me. All will Join me. But, then again.. you guys should know..i hate trolls and I hate the ID's. The Things I have done and shown to people is true. believe me or not. that is up to you. I am not arguing with dimwits.. like you.
Posted by F.N on
Oh look! its Dila, the Dimwit. Hahahaha.. So, hows mocking the moon children? its the only thing you do, is Mock Them. Oh.. did I upset dimwit? XD
Posted by Anaid on
@F.N How can I contact you?
Posted by Master Dila on
You forgot to say the ''fake'' moon children,Nighty.And,I am laughing so hard now!XDXDXD

Oh,Might Nighty tries to make me angry,how adorable!
Posted by F.N on
You can message me on my youtube, silenceunknownxxx I will reply.
Posted by F.N on
I knew you was a Dimwit, Dila. I knew, you would think these things.. because of the IDs. It seems, they are Spreading Lies about Me. They think, they know me. But, they will never know me. EVER!
Posted by Master Dila on
I am not a dimwit,I am a jerk.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Posted by Master Dila on
And they are not the same thing.
Posted by Master Dila on
F.N has just found a new word in English (dimwit),and he decided to use it on me.How laughable.
Posted by Leisa on
I don't even know anymore.
Posted by DesiAngelSmith on
Hi Has anyone else felt as though they had been watched every night for the past few days?I'm just wondering....I keep waking up at 4 am to soft barely audible breathing in my room.
Posted by Ben.Hubbard.23 on
if you come with me..You'll float too.....If you come with me MoOn ChILDren...you'll float too....you"LL FlOAt TOo..You'll FLOAT TOO!
Posted by Leisa on

Well same thing has happened to me many times in the past, and about feeling watched. I'm usually paranoid that it's kinda normal for me.
Posted by Master Dila on
@Leisa @DesiAngelSmith Meh, at least you dont have nightmares. At least, you dont have nightmares with the moon children. These things are too normal. You all need to watch some anime or drink ice lemon tea.
Posted by Jaywolf on
Posted by Jaywolf on
@ FN
49 20 73 75 62 73 63 72 69 62 65 64 20 74 6f 20 79 6f 75 72 20 79 6f 75 74 75 62 65 20 63 68 61 6e 6e 65 6c 20 62 63 20 79 6f 75 72 20 63 6f 6f 6c 20 3a 29 0d 0a
Posted by Master Dila on
@Jaywolf Xzddzzdzdzddz I have subscribed him with 4 account.
Posted by Leisa on
@Master Dila I'm not sure about the anime but lemon tea sounds nice... Tho if I might as well ask about those nightmares?
Posted by Maddy the killer on
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
43 20 52 20 49 20 4e 20 47 20 45
Posted by Master Dila on
@Leisa I had so many dreams with them.One of my dreams,we were going to a realm with some ruined gateways.There was a girl too.They were dressed like they were a normal children.(red t-shirt and blue trousers)They didn't have masks but when we got to that realm,they became into their real form.(masked creepy form xd).When we got here,I woke up.Bruh,I suddenly remembered the old woman at the station who told me that my father is the mask salesman.

@Maddythekiller,https://youtu.be/g1Og5Tg_Jyo MEOW.
Posted by F.N on
Dreams are Dreams.. Dreams involving the moon children are normal.. your mind, creates them. in 2015, I had a dream, of a moon child.. moving to me, covered in blood and the salesman was beside me. So, even though.. I had that dream. I Know it was just my mind, making it.
Posted by F.N on
You can say what you will.. Dimwit.
Posted by Maddy the killer on
@Master Dila

Posted by Leisa on
You can't know for sure if it's just a mind playing tricks. But sure, you can believe whatever you think it is. I kind of don't have an opinion since some dreams have their meanings.
Posted by Nikki on
Can I Join?
Posted by F.N on
This website is a archive.
Posted by Master Dila on
Its an archive,not "a" archive, Nighty.
Posted by F.N on
I know, I just thought.. it looked better.
Posted by Master Dila on
Huheuehueheue yes XD
Posted by Leisa on
So quiet...
Posted by MissyTheMisc on
I, um... I did not expect to see this site again
Posted by ShortPower on
Ok this is creepy...
Posted by Leisa on
@ShortPower hm?
Posted by Maddy the killer on
Posted by JuNuNgUeLe on
Comerme los Huevos hijos de puta
Posted by Unknown User on
One day he shall return,
Then he will fall and space and time will burn,
When all hope is lost and gone,
A new one will come, with a soul that is brawn.

He shall destroy this world of pain and hate,
And create a new one, this is our fate,
The Core of this universe shall create,
A new era of time. This is the eighth.

When you have figured out the clue, you will know.
The being upon us will bestow,
A human that contains the power of darkness and light,
Has to control it or the darkness will blight.
Posted by Master Dila on
Posted by Link on
i checked this site in 2014 and it was gon how is it back is the game back do we get the download game he was working on now
Posted by Frost on
Will this really show up?
Posted by Frost on
OK so one more question. How many "Moon Children" are left?
Posted by Jaywolf on
@ Frost
Not sure. FN seems to be the only one here
Posted by Meme on
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer’s head. There’s also Rick’s nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they’re not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Rick & Morty truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the humour in Rick’s existential catchphrase “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub,” which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev’s Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Dan Harmon’s genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them.
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
Random "Rick & Morty" topic.
Posted by Sky on
Glory to Mother Luna!
Posted by F.N on
Message me on Silenceunknownxxx, sky..
Posted by F.N on
Nevermind.. i just wanted to say something.
Posted by Sky on
I'm sorry, I was bored, anyways what did you want to say.
Posted by Master Dila on
Oh yeah dude,F.N is back.Missed you so much bro.
Posted by F.N on
Sky, I would Like to Speak to you on My Youtube. Silenceunknownxxx
Posted by Sage on
It's back.. It's all coming back.. Are there any children left? Talk to me.
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
Hate to burst your bubble there, but this is just an archive of the site made by a remnant of the fanbase. It's not the real site, sadly.
Posted by Kestrael on
Hello brothers and sisters...
I'm back..
Posted by F.N on
Hello, Kestrael.
Posted by F.N on
Ah..Nice, Weather. isn't it?
Posted by Kestrael on
It's a little windy here, but still nice
Posted by F.N on
Thats Nice.. want to Chat? Kestrael. Send me a Message.
Posted by Kestrael on
You seem nicer than before. Something changed in you, didn't it?
Posted by F.N on
Questions.. Questions. I Only like Some People, Others i Dislike. Just like any Normal Person would.
Posted by Kestrael on
Okay, I understand. That's a good answer. You can like only some people. Like any Normal Person would..
Posted by Jos on
¡Esta conversación es más jodida que las que se pueden tener con mi prima del anime!
Posted by Kestrael on
I thinks it's an insult... Sad face
Posted by Sky on
Posted by LostAccount on
Hello F.N. I’m still waiting for you to respond
Posted by F.N on
Posted by Kestrael on
So quiet here..
Posted by Jaywolf on
@ FN
Hello, how is your weekend going?
Posted by CcForeignn on
Ifrit's profile picture is MF DOOM! Ha Ha Ha Ha YEAH
Posted by drowned on
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on

And now we all have a full grasp of the obvious.
Posted by ErnestFrero on
Hello. And Bye.
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Posted by wellitsvianne on
^ :-))
Posted by wellitsvianne on
is there anyone?
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
Some of us still watch this place. Is there something you need?
Posted by BEN on
Posted by Kaizell Ventus on
Your attempt, while normally amusing, amounts at this point to just irritant. Knock it off.
Posted by Kestrael on
F.N u still here?
Posted by Michaelnab on
Hello. And Bye.
Posted by Ricky on
Uh hello..?
Posted by found on
still here
Posted by Chicx_The_Killer on
Posted by GRT3 on
Posted by Ben on
You shouldn't have done that.
Posted by Jeff on
Nama Jeff
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Imagine a monster that devours you whole because it enjoys the sensation of you struggling for your life while being digested. I'm not a monster or anything, but you're so cute I could eat you up.
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